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Hello Redbox!

Redbox, here I come!
I took the movies back on Wednesday to Blockbuster. I just had to go in to find out what happened with the bird. The manager told me that they have about FIFTY birds that live in the attic and they fly in all the time through the vents.
I wanted him to talk fast so I could get out of there!!!!!
I don't think I will be going back......unless I do the note with Emily again.

I am happy to hear that I am not alone in my bird fear. Your comments have encouraged me.

Yesterday I bought a bunch of flowers and let the girls help me plant them in our planters. It is always a happy day when I pot flowers.
We all got clean and had a little family outing to the mall. The girls are doing a little better now when we go out to eat. Progress! Steve's famous words in a restaurant for the past couple of years have been, "we are never doing this again."


The B's said…
FIFTY birds???? OH MY GOSH!!! Heart Attack!!!!!
Jennifer said…
I'm not a fan of birds flying in buildings either....

My husband uses your husband's notorious phrase EVERY time we eat
Muffy said…
Oh my! I would NEVER go back in there. They need to get rid of those birds's really just gross. FIFTY???
kathy said…
Laurie, you for sure are not alone! I have a very bad history with birds. I'll spare you the gory details! I'm glad you had a happy birthday!
Erin said…
Gross on the birds! Can't believe he told you that.

Redbox is a must! Did you know there is one at the gas station on the corner of Hwy 12 and Greenhouse Rd. And you can reserve your movies online to make sure it's there when you want it! Redbox may be your new BFF!
50 birds, gross!! I just learned that Blockbuster got bought out by Dish Network, so all of the blockbuster locations may or may not be closing soon! We use Netflix and love it!
Melissa said…
yeah...i would find a new movie about Netflix?

and what cute outfits...matching, yet them.
Nancy said…
I'm so glad you didn't see the fifty of them.
Yay for an outing with the fam! We did that Friday night as well. I found purple Converse on sale @ JC Penney's for $6 each & put them on Ebay & they are a hot item!
Jessica said…
50 birds??!! Um, I'd NEVER be going back there again! That is crazy!

My girls are 2 & 4 and we are now just saying that eating out isn't terrible! :) We don't do it often but it is definitely getting a bit easier the older they get.
pamk said…
I'm not afraid of birds, but FIFTY birds living in the building? Isn't that against health or sanitation laws or something??? Yes, I'd recommend Redbox, so nice to be able to check availability and reserve online before going to pick it up, only $1 apiece, and there are often ways to earn free rentals!
Ani said…
I don't mind birds, but the prospect of 50 birds flying around me at any given time gives me the creeps!
Love the girls in their matching outfits, soooo cute!
I so miss dinners out- thank the Lord for PNO!!

You are cracking me up with the bird stuff- FYI redbox always has a line!! Just do on demand!

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