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The Time of Our Life!

Emily's preschool went on a tour of the fire station today. I went along on the trip. I don't think any child, parent or teacher had as much fun as I did. I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!! I could have stayed there all day looking around and asking questions. I asked so many questions that I really chawed myself. This first picture is the "man cave" where they watch t.v. and movies in BIG recliners. I think there were 20 recliners and a huge movie screen. This room joined onto the kitchen. The kids got to go in two of the fire trucks. All the firefighters were so nice and helpful.(helpful to answers my questions.) I asked what the leading cause of house fires in our city was. The answer: candles. Steve asked me if I told them they would probably coming to our house one day. I LOVE candles and have them going all the time. The firefighters have to be dressed and ready in 60 seconds and on a truck. They have to pull out of the station within two minutes of the alarms

The Past Weekend

Three little girls I love! Emily wanted to hold Harper so bad for a picture. Saturday afternoon, Emily was yelling for me to come look. I saw Emily hovered over Sarah Kate saying,"Sarah Kate, I have got to get this!!!!"" My first thought was, "Oh No, SK is choking and Emily is trying to get it out of her throat!!!!!!!!!" Emily was brushing Sarah Kate's teeth. She had opened up a diaper and put that on her as a bib. Emily actually did a good job of brushing her sister's teeth. SK seemed to like it! Hey, this is not a bad deal, perhaps a dental hygienist in the making. Sarah Kate says,"Happy Fall!" This is her first day to wear a Fall outfit. This past weekend I did FOUR things VERY out of my character: 1. I took the girls to school with NO make-up, no shower. I ALWAYS get completely dressed and ready before leaving the house! 2. I mowed our entire yard on Saturday morning. I have NEVER mowed before. I loved it! I told Steve that I

Bedroom Tour

I LOVE Kelly's room tours and thought I would join in today! Steve and I bought this king size bed right before we got married. I love having a big bed. I like to sleep surrounded by pillows. My friend Beth helped me pick the bedroom color. It is called Vermont View. The framed flowers on my side of the bed were carried by my bridesmaids in our wedding. my sweet friend Kim had them framed for me. My Mom bought me a new duvet that we are getting for Christmas. I am sooooo excited. I can't wait to give our bedroom a new look! Thank you for dropping by my blog!


I love lipstick! I NEVER leave the house without it! People who have spent a lot of time around me in the last 15 years or so always ask me a similar question. They ask, "how do you get your lipstick to stay on all day long?" I tell them what I do and they always act interested, or maybe they just don't want to hurt my feelings. Just thought I would share my secret with you on here and maybe it will help. Or, maybe everyone does this. This is my secret to keeping my lipstick on all day long. I put it on in the morning and don't apply it again during the day. I put foundation on first.(of course) I put a little bit of concealer on my lips. Then I put powder all over my face with a lot on my lips. (Bare Minerals) Then I use Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus. One end is a liner and the other is lipstick. I put liner over my entire lips. I don't just line them. Then I put a light layer of lipstick over them. My favorite colors are Coral Rust and Carnation Pink.

My Bitty Babies

I was going through old pictures last week and I wanted to post a few. These start with Sarah Kate. This was made last October. This how Sarah Kate spent her first 3 months. CRYING! In the hospital. We loved her thick, full head of hair. This was made the day we brought her home. Now for Emily. She was soooooo little. She weighed 6lbs 6 oz. This was her first real bath at 3 weeks old. Almost 6 months and eating cereal for the first time. My little cowgirl. Looking at these make me kind of want another baby. It is fun to look back on the days when they were little babies.

Happy Birthday MeMe!

We traveled to South Arkansas this weekend to help celebrate my Mother's birthday and for Steve to work on cleaning out deer stands. Emily and Sarah Kate have discovered my Mother's make-up drawer. Both girls have always been obsessed with shoes! Emily with Meme on her birthday. Sarah Kate sure enjoyed the birthday cake...I did too! We took these after church. Emily had Cowboy and Cowgirl day today at school.

My Friend Kim

I had dinner tonight with my friend Kim. Kim and I love to eat Mexican food together. I met Kim over ten years ago when I lead a Bible Study. We hit it off and have been really close friends ever since. I consider her one of my very best friends. Kim is single and I consider it to be the eighth wonder of the world. God is preparing her a wonderful husband , I just know! Kim was a bridesmaid in my wedding and was there when my girls were born. I am so thankful for a friend that lives for Jesus, is funny and full of wisdom. Kim is one of the most caring people I have ever known. Kim and I go out to eat pretty often and always have WONDERFUL conversations. I am so thankful for a friend like Kim!!!! Emily wanted her picture to be on the blog tonight!

Little Bit of This-Little Bit of That

This week has been full. But, it has been a good kind of busy. We had a wonderful church service on Sunday morning. It was DNOW weekend and we had Ed Newton as the preacher and Jeff Johnson as the worship leader. It was just amazing. What an honor to have these men in our church. As Ed Newton said,"God showed up and showed off." We also had 28 youth get baptized. Steve and I help with the baptisms once a month. This weekend was our time to serve. It was so neat to be a part of something like that. We ran out of towels and robes, but it was a good kind of problem to have. This morning we had women's Bible study. It is always a favorite part of my week. We are doing Faithful, Abundant, True. The study features Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore. It has been GREAT! If your church offers a Bible study, I would encourage you to participate. When I did my post about my favorite musicians, I KNEW I would leave some favorites out. Here are a few more peopl

Night Night

Steve put the girls to bed tonight. He told me to come kiss them goodnight. Then he added, "they are both in Emily's bed." We have never let them get in Emily's bed together at night time. They were looking and talking about a book together as I spied on them from the hall. They were kissing each other too. I had to get my camera and get some shots of the sweetness. Since these pictures were taken, Steve moved Sarah Kate to her bed and now there is lots of crying from both girls.

A Pinkalicious Party

Today Emily went to Sarah Grace's 4th birthday party. The theme was Pinkalicious and was it ever cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tracy is the hostess with the mostess! She went all out. Emily had a great time. They got their nails painted, had monogrammed shirts and tutus, made a necklace and a fairy wand. It was all so organized! I had told Sarah Kate the party was for the big girls. That did not fly too well with her when we got there. I had planned to drop Emily off, run an errand or two and then come get her. I gave into Sarah Kate's fit and we stayed. Bless her heart, she jumped right in there for the story and everything else they did. She actually acted really good. Do you think SK was enjoying her cupcake?????? Sarah Grace and Tracy.