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Facial Anyone?

Several months ago I posted about getting a Clarisonic facial cleanser, well, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!  I recently started using a moisterizing cleanser called Simple.  It works wonders for my face.  I am considering getting a professional facial at a dermatology office. Have you had a good experience with this? Was it worth the money? I want smaller pores and some age just wiped off.  ha!

Have to Make my Own

We spent the weekend as a family in Branson.  Saturday was my parents anniversary.  We had a good time together.  I took my camera and planned to get some good pictures.  I pulled out my camera as soon as we arrived at the Branson Landing, only to discover I had left the memory card in my computer at home.  SO, no pictures to document our fun time together. I had eaten sorta light and healthy all last week in anticipation for my favorite meal ever at Cantina Laredo.  We get seated after a good little wait, I opened my menu only to discover that "the dinner"  I always order is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS ANGRY! Yep, the waiter tells me that it was taken off the menu, BUT, he said they could probably still make it for me.  They did and he got an extra tip from Steve. Yet another menu item forever removed from a menu to the locked vault of bad sellers, unwamted items. My first all time favorite meal was Shanghi Shrimp at Market Place Grill.  When I was pregnant with Emily, t

Labor Day Weekend

Yesterday at church the children had their choir kick-off.  They had to wear their favorite football team shirt.  I thought Emily looked really cute in her pink Razorback jersy. We went to visit my parents for Labor Day Weekend.  While we were there, we went to the Stamps farm, where Steve hunts.  We had a great time riding the ATVs and we enjoyed some of the best EVER homemade ice cream. Emily learning how to shoot the air rifle.   With lots of help from her Daddy, SK shot right through the cup!  She was so so praoud of herself.   Look how excited she is!   THRILLED!   Running inside to tell Meme.   We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. This past weekm all of our church activities have started back.  It makes for a busy week!