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Need Some Ideas

I am starting to think about Bible studies for our ladies at church in the Fall.  We are finishing up Beth Moore's Children of the Day, James McDonald's Authentic and Priscilla Shirer's Breath.  They are all EXCELLENT!!!! Do you have a study you have done personally or in a group setting that you really liked? Would you mind sharing?

Fancy Phone!

Well, this may be the most boring blog post I have ever done.  I have put up with a very outdated phone for the past five years or so, and really liked it!  In October,  that phone bit the dust.  I tried so hard to get it repaired but two different phone places laughed at me and told me they did not even make parts for that phone anymore. I then got one of Steve's old phones.  It completely died after about 3 weeks. Then I got a Go phone.  It did the job and I liked it, but Steve convinced me I needed a better phone when an update was available. SO...proud to say I am the new owner of this beauty! I HATED it the first two days, but now I LOVE it! Everything I need is on this phone and I LOVE the camera on it! I have not done a blog in a long time because our card reader went out on our laptop. We are back in business I did a post.