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The Trip to Silver Dollar City (That Almost Wasn't)

Thursday afternoon Steve and I headed to Branson, Mo to take the girls to Silver Dollar City. Emily was more excited about staying in the hotel than any amusement park. We checked into the hotel around 3:30, refreshed a little and then headed to have dinner at The O.G. That is what I call the Olive Garden. We had a GREAT dinner. The girls acted pretty good! Then, we headed to a place called The Track. They have little kid rides that my girls LOVED!!!!!! (The girls were so excited to be in a hotel room. Notice they are as white as the sheets.) They loved riding the rabbits. Emily rode this one twice. They enjoyed the little train ride. We went for ice-cream and then went to bed. Around 12:30 a.m. we were awakened by the sound of Sarah Kate choking in the Pack-n-Play. I just began praying because I was afraid she was choking on a small toy she had insisted on sleeping with. What we became quickly aware of as Steve turned the light on was she was throwing up and choking on it.

Sarah Kate's NEW Room

I am 95% finished with Sarah Kate's room. When she gets older, we will move her into a twin bed with a hot pink comforter and the green giraffe print pillows. I am waiting till she nears 3 before I take her out of that crib. I know, I know, these curtains should go ALL the way down or either chopped off. I am going to have a talented friend do that in the near future. I have had a lot of fun working on her room!

Our Visit To South Arkansas

I was able to stay at my parents several days last week. Steve was not able to go because he had to work. Sarah Kate is sitting in this chair that used to belong to my Dad when he was a little boy. A local vet has deer for children to enjoy. The girls loved feeding them deer corn. Emily would say, "hey sweetie, I'm just a nice girl." The girls may have a disease now. They would let the deer eat from their hand and then I would see the girls standing there with their hands in their mouths. (Mostly SK) The girls would have stayed here all night long if we would have let them. Emily cried when we left. She LOVES animals! Then, we went for chips and salsa and Mexican food. Ohhhhh it was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look who likes salsa as much as her mama. She would lick the salsa off the chip. Here is Emily with two of her best friends at VBS, Sarah Grace and Alex. Yesterday, I took Emily to see Ramona and Beezus. WE LOVED IT! I am so thankful for a good, clean, sweet

Fizzledust Fizzledust

I have said this before, but I will say it again: I have pretty terrible hair! It is SUPER thin! I have spent many a dollar on Aquage hairspray. I could have put both girls through school for all the money I have spent on hairspray. I have more bad hair days than good. But.......from time to time, people tell me my hair is cute, or who does your hair? I am amazed, but thankful for the compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a couple of blog readers ask to see the back of my hair. I have had friends on Facebook give the same request. I have promised to email them the back of my hair, and I have just never done it. I am sorry. Soooooo, tonight, HERE IT IS! It is not looking all that great, but I think it will give you the idea. I think my hair is a lot like cotton candy. Fluffy and sticky I fix it in the morning, spray it and I am done with it for the day. I don't want anyone touching my hair. I don't want wind blowing it. My hair is fizzledust. I don't even k

The Class of 1990

I had my twenty year class reunion this weekend. I ended up wearing a dress on Saturday night that I have had for a while. Would ANYONE at that reunion know the difference? NO way! Plus, I didn't want to spend the money or risk getting stuck in another one. There was nobody at the reunion that I was super close to in high school except Kelly (above) and her husband Eric. But, I am so glad I went to my reunion. It was so neat to see people that I had started first grade with. I loved finding out where they live now and what they are doing. Our reunion was very well organized! The committee worked hard and they did a great job. One of the best parts of the weekend was touring my high school. WOW! Soooooo fun to walk back through those halls and look in those classrooms. I was VERY quiet in school. I came out of my shell in college. I walked through the high school on Saturday thanking the Lord for the life I have....wonderful Christian parents, my dream man and my sweet little girls

Sarah Kate at VBS

Here is Sarah Kate and some of her friends at VBS. No signs of a rock in her nose.

Dancing and Rocks in the Nose

We had another good day at VBS. All of our nursery babies were so sweet! Several VBS workers had told me that Emily really gets into the music at the assemblies. I wanted to check it out for myself. I figured she just sang and did all the hand motions. I was so proud. Little did I know she was literally dancing in the aisles. I did not see any singing coming out of her mouth, just dancing. I think Emily would fit in well in a Pentecostal church. Sarah Kate is loving VBS too. She is in the two year old room. They brought her to me this morning telling me that she had put a ROCK up her nose. All I knew to do was take her to the DR. But, a sweet friend took her to the bathroom with a flashlight and tweezers. All she found were boogers. I am hoping and praying that she does NOT have a rock up her nose. She does not seem to be in pain or discomfort. Hopefully it was blown out or just fell out. They asked Sarah Kate to blow her nose and she sucked in. She does not know how

My VBS Babies

Emily's first day of Vacation Bible School I am very happy to report that my shoulder and my pride have recovered from the dress disaster. I loved reading all the comments. Seems I am not the only one that has had the same experience. We are having VBS this week. This is Emily's first year to actually go to VBS. Our church starts kids at 4. I think she is really enjoying it. I can't get much out of her. I have to drag the information about what went on out of her. My mother always asked me what I learned in school when she picked me up every afternoon. I would always say,"nothing." I know how my mother felt now. I have the wonderful opportunity to work in the nursery. I am in the "under one" class. I LOVE every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE babies! I have loved babies ever since I was a baby. Just thought you might enjoy seeing the little babies in my class.