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 The girl's school is celebrating being drug-free.  Today they had to dress like a pirate.  When I got the note, I thought, "well they can just forget that." sweet friend Tracy brought these pirate accessories to church last night so that the girls could participate.  The girls were soooo excited!!!!  So was I!!!! I learned about this Bible at Dot Mom last Feb.  I bought the Bible this Summer and we LOVE it!!!!  I LOVE the way everything is explained.  It is a wonderful Bible!!!!  Get it for your children.  This week, I was in bed with Sarah Kate reading her the story of the Last Supper.  Here is what it said," Then they sang their favorite song. And walked up to their favorite place, an olive garden."  Sarah Kate lifted up her head and said, "uh...they went to Olive Garden?  That place made me throw up!"  We got a good laugh!  Several years ago SK got a virus after eating there.  She will not go near the place now.

The Intruder

Last Wednesday afternoon, Steve left to go on a hunting trip.  I hate it when he is away from us, but I would not say that I get scared being alone when he is gone.  We live in a safe neighborhood and our house has a security system.  I am always certain to set it when I leave the house. Thursday night we did a little photo shoot with Kelly and then went out to eat with Kelly and another friend.  I failed to set the alarm because I did not think we would be gone long and I knew we would be home before dark.  As my mother always says, "everything takes longer than what you think."  We stayed out MUCH later than I expected and did not get home until dark.  It was about 8:00.  We came in to a dark house.  As we were walking in the house I told the girls to go straight to the bathroom.  As we were standing in the entry way, I heard walking and thumping upstairs.  My heart sank!  The only beings that could have made that sound were with me.  Frisco was locked in the laundry room

Their Happy Place

 Emily's favorite place to be is this desk that she got when she turned TWO!  Ha ha.....she does not know that she is too big for it.  She will draw for hours in this spot!  She also likes to make books here.  She writes little stories and then illustrates them.  When I can't find her, I know just where to look. SK's favorite place to be is with her cat, Frisco.  She would rather hold him than anything.


 October 16th is our anniversary.  We celebrated this past weekend with a trip to Nashville.  We dropped the girls off with Steve's parents in the Memphis area.  They had a cute cake to welcome the girls.  We are so thankful the girls were able to stay with them!  They were in good hands and the girls loved being with them.  We stayed at the Gatlord Hotel and Resort.  SOOOOOOO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had the biggest hotel room I have ever stayed in.  This picture does not do it justice.  We went to the Grand Ole Opry.  We had never been.  It was such an enjoyable show!  I saw a bit nervous during the show becasue they call people up to play games between acts.  I would have been sooooooo chawed.  A lady was called up on stage to play a game called "Dance or Dare."  Steve and I were laughing SOOOOOO hard thinking about me being up there.  She took the dare and had to dance to the song, "country girl shake it for me now shake it for me for me now shake it

Are Your Pants "Slobbery?"

Sarah Kate had a clothing meltdown this morning.  So, she used to only wear dresses.  About a year ago she started loving leggings. The tighter the leggings, the better!!!  She only wants them skin tight.  Today she put on these leggings and started crying saying they were "slobbery."  She pulled them off.  I convinced her to wear them.  She recovered and then it all started over again when she saw Emily's pants were not "slobbery."  She told me not to EVER buy her slobbery pants. So, no jeans, no clothes with words and now no "slobbery" pants.

Circus Party FUN!

 One of my best friends, Tracy had an over the top party for her girls Sunday afternoon.  It was such a nice party with so much thought put into it.  I don't know how she does it!  Fun for all!  Everything was so cute! Never thought I would see the day that I was riding a camel around in my friend's backyard.

Fall Farm Fun

Last Saturday we met up with the Stamps at a local family friendly farm.  The weather was perfect.  We all had a wonderful time! Sarah Kate held a two day old pig.  The girls always love to ride ponies.  I loved it too when I was little.  They had so much fun with these sweet little girls!  We had close encounters with cows! Feeding the cow tortillas.  Who knew they loved them?   I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!