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Weekend Visitors

This weekend, we had one of my dear friends, Kelly, come and visit from Little Rock. Kelly brought her seven year old daughter. Lauren. This was a special tr eat for Emily, since she loves hanging out with older girls. I let the girls sleep together in Emily's big bed. We have continued with Emily sleeping in the big bed since Lauren went home. Emily is always saying, " I a big girl!" This bed is extremely high and I pray every night that E will not fall out. So far, so good! Kelly and I have been friends for 35 years.

Mandisa Video

Mandisa Video I heard this song a few Sundays ago at church and it really got my attention. Mandisa sings about several difficult paths that we may find ourselves on and she reminds us of the truth that God is with us through it all.

Summer Weekend

This weekend, we headed to South Arkansas with Kelly and Scott and Harper. Three small children driving for hours in a car, could have been a disaster, but it was great! We had a very fun travel together. Steve helped Scott and his Dad get the deer camp ready for hunting season. Hummm.....not quite sure what that involves. But, Steve had a WONDERFUL time. Friday night, me and my parents and the girls joined them at the deer camp for steak and all the trimmings. It was a delicious meal! I love being in a setting like that. ( Summer, pine trees, pond, grilled food, sweet get the picture) I just wish I could have done some fishing. The highlight of Emily's weekend was getting to walk the neighbor's dogs. She LOVES animals! Harper and Sarah Kate. These were our make-shift high chairs as we ate. Sarah Kate stole all of Harper's little blankets as they were sitting side by side. I am sure SK thought they were cute! Happy Father's Day! It was a bless

My little Swimmer

A very Happy Birthday to my mother in law, Kay!!!! We hope you have a great day! We love you and you teach the girls so many things! Emily is taking swimming lessons this week. She LOVES it. Although, it doesn't seem that way in this picture. She is not too sure about floating on her back. Her swim teacher does an excellent job. Emily is all smiles during the class.

The Birthday Party

Sarah Kate had a turtle themed party. She was slow to dive into her cake. She ended up eating lots of icing and seemed to have a belly ache that night. She had a hard time going night night. Here is John Michael and his Dad, Jordan and Wells and his Mom, Kacy Neely and Amanda. Amanda is my talented curtain maker! John Michael, Wells, SK, Neely, Ella Kate. Hillary and Kelly holding Harper Beth and her son, Baylor, sneaking in the picture. These darling cookies were made by another talented friend, Robin. It is sooooo difficult to get the girls to pose together.

Happy Birthday Sarah Kate!

Here is our sweet Birthday girl! She will never know how much we love her. Sarah Kate loves to wave, play Patty Cake, cruise around everything. She is always on the go and is a rough little girl. She loves to hug her dolls and push them in her little stroller. She only has two teeth. But....that does not keep her from eating. Here she is at Christmas in her big sister's bed at Kay-K and Pop's house. One year ago this afternoon. Ohh...... I miss that!

What a Weekend

This weekend one of my best college friends, Kim , came to visit. We had several mishaps during the visit. First, Let me say that I am always on edge when the door opens at our house because Kristen the cat wants to escape our home. She is always looking for an open door to run free. Kim got up early Friday morning and I was taking advantage of a few extra minutes to sleep since my girls were sleeping a little later than usual. As I lay in bed, I heard the alarm go "beep. beep.... beep" I knew Kim had gone out to her car. I jumped up thinking, "where is Kristen?" I got my robe and glasses on and went to see where Kristen was. No Kristen to be found. I saw that the door to the garage was open and the garage door was open. I grabbed the Pounce treats and started rattling them and calling for the crazy cat. (I do this often!) She was gone. I asked Kim if she had noticed Kristen and she said she had not seen her. Kim has a little foster child right now an

Completed Project

Before After: Here is how the little weekend paint project turned out! My neighbor, Michelle, helped walk me through how to do it. She has great taste and ideas. She suggested getting the silver knobs. They add so much to the piece. I also got some bed risers to give the bed more "presence" and make the bedskirt noticeable. I painted the iron decor over the bed to make it darker. We are having the room painted this week. I am excited and nervous about how it is going to turn out. I have spent a TON of money buying paint samples, but I think I have settled on a color called Warmed Cognac from Benjamin Moore.

My Favorite Girls

This is how I found Emily asleep the other night. She adores shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily likes to pose for the camera. Sarah Kate just looks worn out! This is my weekend project. I am going to paint this little chest of drawers dark brown. I love doing things like this. My talented friend, Amanda, made these curtains for me. I think she did a fabulous job! Hopefully we can get them up this weekend. They will go in my kitchen.