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The Sleepover

I told Emily at the first of the school year, that I would let her have some friends from her class spend the night if she would work really hard in school.  Having friends spend the night has motivated her to work hard and get her homework done. (and she has a lot!)  Last weekend she had 3 friends spend the night.  I let Sarah Kate invite one of her friends too!  I thought it all went really smooth.  All the girls got along really well.  SK was the youngest, but really the ring leader of them all.  I did not have any activities planned, but they had fun doing art, dancing, and playing family.  They went to sleep in the living room watching a Barbie movie. Friendship is such a blessing.

Ten Years of Love

 Steve and I celebrated 10 years of marriage last Thursday.  Steve's parent came and kept the girls so that we could get away for the weekend.  It was so much fun being together and being able to talk without interuptions.   We got SK's Halloween costume this weekend and she is so happy with it! Lots of love right there.  The girls LOVE being with their grandparents.

Getting all the Help I can Get

Thank you to everyone who responded to my blog post about toe walking!  I love to gather as much information as I can.  Sarah Kate CAN walk flat on her feet.  She has had over a year of physical therapy.  After consulting with her pediatrician, we are taking her to a children's hospital for a second opinion. Life has been very very busy since school started and I am finding myself wishing for a snow day! Ha!  We actually were able to have a relaxing Saturday.  We had BIG plans to go to my parents in South Arkansas.  I was to have a meeting in Little Rock.  All that did not come into play when SK woke up Friday morning with strep throat.  I was sad for her to be sick and I was disappointed that our plans fell through, but we needed a day to rest and not leave the house. Sarah Kate loves to clean!  She vacuumed the house last night!  I told her I was going to take a picture of her and this is the pose she did! 

Toe Walker

Sarah Kate is six years old and she is still walking on her toes.  She is an ideopathic toe walker.  (No cause for it.) We are considering doing serial casts to help stretch her heel cord.  Has anyone ever had experience with this????? What have you found to be the most helpful with toe walking?

Attitude is Everything!

 Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to attended a Susan G Komen survivor luncheon and style show.  It was a wonderful time with some of my most favorite people!  Jenn was a model.  She was the best one there!  She was diagnosed with breast Cancer over a year ago.  Today, she is fully healed! Jenn has had the most wonderful attitude through out her journey.  SO glad she is my friend!