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My Funny Honey

Emily wanted to make more pictures in Sarah Kate's crib. It does make for a safe place for Emily to hold her baby sister. I don't think these realistic pictures are serving the purpose that I thought they would. Typically, Steve is the one that reads the Bible to Emily at night. Last night Steve was not feeling well and so I was the bedtime parent. I began reading this story about God breathing life into Adam and Emily exclaims, "WOOK MAMA, that girl got a big booger coming out!" Wook, it a BIG BOOGER!" I tried to explain the picture without laughing. I don't think she heard a word of the story.

Children's Bibles

Here are pictures of Emily's Bibles for anyone who may be interested. They both have beautiful, very realistic pictures in them and ask a simple little question at the end of each story. Emily was very proud to pose with the Bibles and she was very impressed with her tongue being out in the first one. She said, "I funny Mama!"

Fun Night!

Tonight, me and my girls had a fun evening with my beautiful friend, Kim. Emily has always taken a special liking to Kim. We had Mexican food and then went to Pet Smart and then to Lifeway to buy Emily a new Bible. Being at Pet Smart was sooooo a mini zoo! I wanted to find a Bible with life-like pictures in it. I just don't like the cartoon looking Bible pictures. We have a wonderful Bible that we have read through at least four times and I wanted her to have a new one with more stories and beautiful pictures. I also bought myself a Joni Erikson Tada book on Christians suffering. Hillary: These pictures are for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Family Weekend in Texas

We left on Friday to go to Steve's cousin's wedding in Dallas. We had a great weekend and were also able to see some of my family in Dallas. This is my Dad's brother, Jerry and Aunt KK and Jason. Emily and Aunt KK did some art together. This is Steve and I before the rehearsal dinner. On the 16th Steve and I celebrated four wonderful years of marriage. I waited a LONG time to get married, but Steve was worth the wait. We have so much fun being together. This Justin and Cissy. Cissy and Justin really entertained Emily! (Steve's brother and his wife) The girls before the wedding. Our family picture before leaving for the wedding. I don't have any wedding pictures because we left our camera in the car and it was valet parking and we could not get to it.

Four Months of Fun

Well, I don't think it has all been four months of fun. The crying and waking every 3 hours through the night have not been fun. But, I have loved having a newborn. Sarah Kate is 4 months today!

Nursery Tour

I am so grateful because two of my friends really got me set up with this nursery. My friend Kelly is letting me borrow the crib. My friend Beth let me borrow the bee pattern, along with lamp, curtains, table. diaper stacker, bee hive,etc. I went to visit Beth in Franklin, Tn when I was about 15 weeks pregnant and I brought ALL that stuff home on a plane. It was terrible carrying the table through the airport but, so worth it after everything was put together. Thank you Beth and Kelly! I really have a hodge podge of things in the room. If I think it is cute, I put it in there.

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Our playgroup met today at a wonderful pumpkin patch. The farm belongs to a couple in our church. Emily's behavior was far from good. She believed every pumpkin, gourd and wagon was hers. I was worn out when we left, but I got some great pictures in this wonderful Fall setting! Alex, Emily and Jackson Jaimi, Ginger and Sarah Kate

Baby Sister

Sarah Kate had her first experience in the exersaucer on Sunday. Monday night brought a beautiful rainbow. Emily had never seen one. She loved it and so did we! Emily is still very proud of her baby sister. She tells me everyday, "Mama, I got a baby sister!" She is still telling people this everywhere we go. She loves to talk baby talk to Sarah Kate. Baby sister is crazy about Emily!