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Blowing Up Like a Balloon

Today I had a Dr appt. I have sorta dreaded this day for about a week because I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hungry lately, I knew I would weigh a bunch. I have been trying to think about and wash and iron my lightest weight outfit. Monday I found the perfect light weight garb. It was a thin cotton shirt and some thin knit pants. I put on the thinnest socks I had and did not wear much jewelry. My usual nurse did not weigh me, but one that I have had before did the duty. When I stepped on the scale, she just kept moving the bar to the right. Then she said, " Woooooooo girl, your at 1_ _!" She could have just kept that comment to herself. I could see the number. I was stunned that she said that. This made me feel REAL good about myself-HA HA! Afterward I went to the store and tried to buy some healthy food, but her comment didn't keep me from the Cadbury eggs or a box of Jr. Mints. I had to have another ultrasound because last month the lady forgot to mea

Seven Random Things

Kelly's sweet mother tagged me on seven random things about myself....... 1. I love to look at new houses. I love driving around neighborhoods and catching the open houses on the weekends. I like to think about how I would decorate and paint and that sort of thing. I also like seeing houses that are lived in. You can tell a lot about a person when you see their house. 2. I LOVE babies. The younger the better. I love holding them and feeling their soft skin. I could hold a newborn all day. 3. I think Chili's chips and salsa is the BEST thing in the world. That is my favorite food. I wish I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. But, I would be on a TLC obesity show. 4. I am an only child. 5. I ate in the school cafeteria from first grade through my senior year and loved very bite. I know that is REALLY WEIRD!!!!!!!!!! 6. I love medical shows and hospitals and all conversations about medical stuff. I am always telling Steve that I am a Dr. I would LOVE

Emily Found Her Some Make-Up!

Last night Steve and I were very into American Idol and Emily was out of the room and VERY quiet. I told Steve that she was probably up to no good. When she is REALLY quiet for a long time it is usually not good. I told Steve to go find her. He found her in our bed with my make-up bag. He called me in there and I thought she had swallow poison or marked on our duvet with a Sharpie or something because of his reaction. I fell out laughing when I saw her. Steve picked her up and took her to the mirror to show her the work she had done. Her face was the exact same reaction that Kelly and I had several years ago when we got complimentary make-overs/facials at the mall. We were horrified when we saw ourselves in the mirror. It looked like they were trying to get rid of all their non-selling colors. Well, it looked like a two year old had done our faces. This is the dazed look Emily had when she saw herself. She stared for a LONG time and then pushed her hair out of her face an

My Funny Valentine's Day

Since I was single for many years, I often dreamed about Valentine's Day with my husband. I thought about dressing up real cute and going to a romantic dinner and writing mushy cards and eating and sitting at the table for hours talking. I had it really built up in my mind. And, I must say, since I met Steve we have had several of those Valentine's Days. I just thought they would always be that way. Well........the sick house continues on! Emily had a terrible night on Wed. night. She didn't sleep and when she was alseep she was whimpering. This is the typical pattern when she has an ear infection. So....Valentine's morning I took her temperature and it was 102. I was hoping I had read the ear thermometer wrong or that is was just messed up. I was thinking, "Don't be sick, this is Valentine's Day!" But, I knew Emily was really sick. I had a busy day ahead because I was giving art lessons and then taking Emily to one of her friend's party at Chuck E

A Visit Down South

This past weekend we went to visit my parents. Emily did GREAT on the trip. She was the model child. She slept good and was very sweet. She got to see a horse up close and personal. It lives across from my parents. We took her to the pet shop. Of all the things, her favorite pets were the mice. Hummmm. She ate some chips and salsa and she got to be with her Mimi and Grandaddy. What more could a little girl ask for?

First REAL Haircut

This week Emily got her first real haircut. I had cut her little mullet about a year ago. She just needed the back of it shaped up a little. I was so glad we did it. Emily's hair is fine and thin, like mine. My hair is just fizzle dust. I pray Emily's hair will get thicker. She was VERY VERY good during the haircut. I think the sucker is what did the magic. Emily also had one of her favorite friends over to play this week. They are playing hide and seek in the closet. They thought this was so funny!

New Shoes

My mother got Emily this dress in the Fall and I have never let her wear it because I thought it had to have navy blue shoes. Emily's Kay-K sent her these shoes last week and now she can wear the dress! Emily adores these shoes!!!! She has put them on everyday for the past week. Here is Emily showing off her dress and shoes and doing her MOST favorite thing. Coloring! Only she insists that she uses a pen.


When Emily was so sick recently we did something I said I would NEVER do, WE LET HER SLEEP WITH US! I got NO sleep because I was so afraid we would roll over on her. Emily was so happy to be in the bed with us. She would smile and say,"Hi Mama!' "Hi Daddy!" This went on for quite a while till she would finally go to sleep. After her illness, we got her back to her crib. Now, when I can't find her, I go to our bedroom and find her on my pillow lying in the dark. She pats beside her and says, "Come night night Mama." She does this several times a day. I think she just likes remembering sleeping with us and how much it comforted her. Our bed IS very comfortable and cozy. She sleeps in a flat, hard, pillow-less crib. Who could blame her?