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Singing about I AM

 The girls choirs performed Sunday.  Both choirs did such a wonderful job!  I forgot my camera on Sunday morning and my phone would not let me take pictures, it just had a green screen.  So all I have is Emily's choir pictures.  They did a musical called I AM.  They put lots of work into it and it showed.

Not as we Planned

 Our week has been out of whack!  A couple of weeks ago,  I ran fever for three days and felt horrible.  I woke up Saturday morning, swollen, painful joints and a rash.  I had Fifth disease.  Emily had come down with the rash a week before.  It always hits adults harder.  I have had really bad joint pain all week.  Today I am much better!  I got a call from Emily's school on Tuesday morning saying she was running fever and had a sore throat.  I took her to the Dr and she tested negative for strep.  She has been running fever all week.  I do think she is much better today!  I had lots of things to do this week....mostly fun things but we have been parked at home.  Which I am okay with.  I guess the Lord has wanted us home.  Makes me think of Amy Grant's old song. "Angels Watching Over me."  There is a line that says, "a wreckless car ran out of gas before it ran my way."  God could have been protecting us from something.  So I am refraining from complaining


 Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs.  I think we bought the last box of Easter egg dying kit the store had.  Nothing like waiting to the last minute.  The weekend was super busy for us.  Friday night Steve and I helped to set up our church's Lord's supper.  It made for a late night because we had to clean it all up too.  Our church had two services yesterday and Steve was a greeter at the first service.  I drove seperately with the girls to second service where we helped with baptisms.  One of our new Sunday School members got baptized and it was an honor to be able to help her.  I am so thankful that Scott got a family picture of us.  Here is the traditional girls Easter picture with KFC to follow!  We sure enjoyed having our friends over for lunch! Sarah Kate drew this during the church service.  I love it!  I will keep it forever!

Sunny Saturday Fun

 My friend Meredith is having her baby very soon.  She had a baby shower Saturday morning.  I was so excited to give her this painting I did for the nursery.  When I got back home we went to the local drive through safari.  We love it every time!  I love this sweet bunny.  The girls rode ponies.  SK was thrilled! Emily was nervous, but I think she still enjoyed it!   I love a beautiful, relaxing Saturday with my family!

Birthday Blessings!

 Yesterday, I celebrated another birthday!  I had a wonderful day!!!!!  I did NO work and I ate what I wanted.  Monday I had lunch with two of my best and favorite girls, Kelly and Tracy.  I ate enough salsa for ten men and loved being myself with friends.  Kelly and her girls came over for a visit yesterday on my big day!  So fun!  Emily and Sarah Kate were so excited about my birthday!  They wanted me to have a cake, but honestly I have come to the conclusion that I do not like cake.  Which is a good thing!  I had a chocolate malt from Braums.  Although I think they left the malt out.  Oh well, I drank it.  We went to dinner at Copeland's.  I got my usual, Shrimp Orleans.  I told Steve that I don't think we have EVER taken the girls out to eat on a school night.  They were tired and delirious.  Steve was so good to me.  He gave me some perfume that I have been wanting- Creed Spring Flower. I loved reading my birthday messages on Facebook and loved talking to th