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The End of April

The last day of April........seems hard to believe.  A friend asked me this weekend how turning forty had been and I told her it had been "just fine."  I have been happy and feel like I am around 32. Sorry for being soooo BORING lately.  Nothing exciting has really happened and nothing funny.  I am not complaining, it is just the truth.  It is not a bad thing. I think I have writers block. I have just been busy eating Chick-Fil-A's chocolate chunk cookies.  They are incredible!!!!  I love their ice cream too!  But, I only like it when it is yellow.  I got the nerve a few weeks ago to ask the manager why it is white some days and yellow other days.  She began apologizing for the yellow ice cream.  I told her that is how I LOVE it!  She said that it is a mistake on the machine's part when it is yellow.  I told her to call me on days that the machine messes up and I will eat their yellow/icey ice cream.  I think she thought I was nuts.  I am glad that our life

New Use for Old Finds

A sweet friend gave me this painted Mason jar for my birthday!  I just love it!  I am using it for my pens on my desk. During our garage sale last Saturday, Emily pulled her 4th tooth.  She was so excited and proud! I have totally re-made out guest bathroom.  I wanted to go for a much lighter feel.  My parents bought me this chest from an estate sale.  I painted it this blue/gray color.  I recently found this old locker basket and I am using it for towel storage.  When Kelly and I lived together, she used this old mantel as her head board.  I am in the process of painting it a cream color, antiquing it and using it as a head board for our guest bedroom.

My Little Bees

 The girls had their church choir program on Sunday night.  They did a little musical called Obedient Bees.  The bee costumes were adorable!  The kids did a fantastic job.  Here are some of the Emily's friends.  Alex, Emeri, Katie, Emily and Sarah Grace  SK with Neely  SK, Neely and Ella Kate Meme and Grandaddy came to help with the garage sale and to see the girls sing. I could not have had that sale without their help!!

A Load Lifted

A load has been lifted.  That is how I feel.  I had a garage sale this morning that lead me to do a lot of cleaning out of closets and rooms.  We can walk in our bedroom closet now!  It is so organized and neat and it makes me soooo happy!!!!  I hate living in a bunch of junk and clutter, but I feel that we do so often.  I feel like our house has lost about 200 lbs of just old stuff.   It feels good!  I finally broke down and sold our pack-n-play and high chair. The girls spent a many of hour in those two items.  But now, they were just taking up space. I kinda get my feeling hurt when some of my stuff does not sell.  Makes me feel like folks think my stuff is ugly. Our birds left the nest this week.  I can't believe this, but I miss them! I hope you have a great weekend! Has anyone seen the new movie called "October Baby?"  I hope to see it soon.

Events and Eyes

 Friday night, Emily's school had a fun event that we attended.  I had to help set up on Friday and I was worn -out by the time I got home that night!!!!!  Emily's class performed and Emily had her art on display.  Makes a mama proud!  The birds are getter cuter and cuter!  They are harder and harder to see because they are messing up our window.   Our window is nasty!  I think they will fly off this week. I went to a local make-up store and got my eyes done.  I NEVER wear eye shadow.  I think it makes me look sick, tired or just plain dirty.  I just don't like it on me! I have some sort of strange goings on with my eyelids anyway.  I don't have dark circles under my eyes, I have dark circles on my eyelids.  They have some sort of brown staining on them.  God-given brown eyeshadow I guess. I wanted a pro to do my eye shadow for me.  But I wanted it to be someone that had good looking eye shadow on. The first two girls that asked if I needed help, were wea

Babies and Birds

 Sarah Kate has a new dress that she is obsessed with.  Actually, it is an old dress.  It used to be Emily's.  She is also on this kick of wanting a pony tail everyday!  This little girl does not let anyone step on her!  Can you tell?  Look at the baby birds.  It has been so interesting to have them as our guests.  This is God's joke on me!  I had a close encounter with mama bird this afternoon.  Ain't nobody gonna mess with her babies!!!!  Ha!  I feel the same way about mine! If ever I can't find Kristen, I know where to look!


Our Easter worship service was sooooo good!  We had evangelist Junior Hill.  He has to be one of my all-time favorites.  The choir sang great music, but my favorite choir song was a blast from the past..".Jesus Never Fails!!!!!"  Our youth minister's wife is an incredible musician.  She sang and it was just great!  I could have sat in the service all day! Our friends David and Amber invited us for Easter lunch!  I ate and ate and ate.  I mostly went nuts over the ham!  The entire meal was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We shared the lunch with some of our favorite people!  It was a wonderful time and a wonderful memory! We left there around 3 and we went fishing.  I LOVE TO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had a great time.  I caught three fish.  Emily caught one and Steve caught 5.  Sarah Kate picked flowers. Emily had a great time playing with the worms.  She gave them all a name.  I heard her talking to each one...Drama,  Clara, Chompy, Lilly, Minnie, Paula, Q

Easter Preview

Steve and I help with baptisms at church and we had to be at church EARLY yesterday morning.  The girls looked so sleepy when they got their Easter baskets. Their K-Kay sent them the beautiful little Easter dresses.  The girls loved them.  Their Mama did too! I will do a post in a day or two about our Easter celebration. Right now, the girls are in school and I am trying to clean-up and wash and have us some clean underwear.  It's that sort of day!  (I knew the Grandparents would want to see them in the Easter best!)

Easter Egg Hunt

Today I took Sarah Kate to an eggstravagant Easter egg hunt. My child did not want any eggs....she filled her basket with suckers.  Oh well, to each his own. My friends Tracy always hosts our Sunday School/playgroup Easter egg hunt.  She goes all out!  She knows how to throw a party!!!! We had a great time!!! On the way home SK was singing "Father Abraham."  It was so sweet to hear her sing.  Then she asked,  "how did they bother Abraham?  "His sons bothered him?"  I asked her to repeat herself.  She said the same thing again.  I then asked her to sing the song for me once again.  She thought they were singing, "bother Abraham."  Cute! I have turned forty and the dentist is talking dentures with me.  SO SAD!  I went to the dentist yesterday and he told me that if I did not start flossing EVERYDAY that I would for sure lose all my teeth.  LOVELY!  I must once again begin putting the little things that look li