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Events and Eyes

 Friday night, Emily's school had a fun event that we attended.  I had to help set up on Friday and I was worn -out by the time I got home that night!!!!!
 Emily's class performed and Emily had her art on display.  Makes a mama proud!
 The birds are getter cuter and cuter!  They are harder and harder to see because they are messing up our window.   Our window is nasty!  I think they will fly off this week.
I went to a local make-up store and got my eyes done.  I NEVER wear eye shadow.  I think it makes me look sick, tired or just plain dirty.  I just don't like it on me!
I have some sort of strange goings on with my eyelids anyway.  I don't have dark circles under my eyes, I have dark circles on my eyelids.  They have some sort of brown staining on them.  God-given brown eyeshadow I guess.
I wanted a pro to do my eye shadow for me.  But I wanted it to be someone that had good looking eye shadow on. The first two girls that asked if I needed help, were wearing a ton of eye shadow.  One of the girl's eyeshadow looked like flames or lightening bolts coming off her eyes.   I told them I was just looking.  I was trying to find someone that had normal eye make-up.  I found that lady and she was no less than seventy five, but she was very attractive and classy!  She asked if she could help me and I plopped right down in her seat!   She told me twice to take my eye shadow off and I argued with her that I was not wearing any. ha! She did a fantastic job!  I did not look dirty or sick when she was done with me!!!!  I bought some eye shadow and I really like it!
I also bought some lip gloss that I adore. It is called Buxom lips. It does not seem to make my lipstick bleed too bad.  I love my lips to be glossy, but I also find that most of them make my lipstick bleed.  Do you have a lip gloss that you love???

And....Margaret Holmes squash is BACK at Walmart!!!!!  Thank you very much!


Noelle said…
Fun! What brand/color is your new eye shadow? Did you get an eye shadow base so the eye shadow stays on long? I like the one from Urban Decay or Clinique has one called canvas that is a cream color.
Julie said…
I don't wear eye shadow either for the exact same reasons. Maybe I need to find me a classy little lady to help me out. What brand did you get?
DeeDee said…
Yay, for you trying something new! I just started wearing it myself. I went to You Tube and got some tutoring on how to put it on. I have small, hooded eyes and she taught me how to make them look bigger with my eye shadow and eye liner. I'm loving it, now! :)
A.K.W. said…
I wear eye-shadow all the time, I wear a silver colored eye-shadow, sometimes I wear a purple eye-shadow but not very often though. I rarely wear any lip gloss, I usually wear the shiny stuff that comes with my lipstick.

Nancy said…
We want to see pic's of the eyes all done up! I want to go & get some professional guidance in the makeup
department. I've never been good @ putting makeup on. :)
sl said…
tell us more about the squah from wal mart??
Angie said…
Is that your daughters artwork in the pic? If so, she is quite talented. No wonder you were so proud!

Glad you found someone to help you. Last time I went into Sephora at our local mall there were 2 girls working who both were wearing a TON of makeup. No way they was getting ahold of my face. They also were 20 years younger than me. I imagine if I'd let them I would have ended up leaving there looking like a clown!!!
julie s said…
Any time I've tried to ear eye shadow, both my mom and my husband think I've been crying! I want a photo of your eyes all done up! What's the secret to wearing eye shadow? Is it in the product or the application? Tell, tell! I saw Belvita again, and thought of you btw! I have yet to try it.
Tracy said…
Post pics of your eyes! I recently got the "Naked Pallet" and have yet to learn how to use it. I tried it for the first time Sunday morning before church (big mistake) and looked like a church girl gone wild! I know there are youtube videos for the make-up challenged. I'll be watching them.

Please pardon this totally random addition to my comment. I was gonna email you but can't figure out how to do that (is your email posted here someplace?). I opened up Pinterest this morning and noticed a friend had pinned a roast recipe. My first thought was "that looks like Laurie's roast" (like I know you or something - ha!). I've used your roast recipe ever since you posted it and we all love it. I clicked on the "pin" and sure enough, it's your recipe! Someone blogged about it and then it got pinned and now it's making the rounds on pinterest. Search for "easy crockpot roast" or "Mississippi Roast" on Pinterest and you should find it!
Bear Girl said…
Girl, you cannot tell us about your eyes and not post a picture. As for lip gloss. I have the same problem where it makes the lipstick bleed or makes the lipstick come off a lot sooner than normal had I not put the gloss on. I find I like the long wearing lipsticks, the ones that have the built it brush on gloss on one end, and lipstick on the other. The cheaper drugstore brands work great, but my lips peel from them. My favorite is my Estee Lauder...go check them out. Genah

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