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My Visit to L.A

I grew up in South Arkansas, also known as L.A.-Lower Arkansas. I took the girls there last week to visit my parents. We had a WONDERFUL and relaxing time. Friday morning we went to a local park. The girls loved the merry-go -round. Saturday Morning Daddy took Emily fishing. My Dad has taken me fishing many times in my life. I LOVE to fish!!! I am glad Emily can enjoy this sport with her Daddy and Granddaddy. We fished at White Oak State Park. It is a great place to visit. My Daddy caught a little fish. The girls with Meme after church.

New Look

We got some bar stools last week and I am enjoying them. Steve is not enjoying them yet because I put them together. He is afraid they may crumble at any moment. He is not far from the truth. He is scared to sit in them until he tightens everything. This a a smart move on his part. We had some little stools that made us feel like we were eating on the floor. We had to hold our arms up to reach anything. They were not ideal at all. Sarah Kate will be two three weeks from today. I could just cry my eyes out because I feel like she will no longer be a baby. I LOVE babies and would LOVE to have another, but as I always say," I am too old and too tired to have another baby." In an attempt to cheer me up from my sadness(haha), we are giving Sarah Kate a big girl room. We are having her room painted yellow and decorating the rest in pink, blue and yellow. I am keeping her in that crib until she is THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily's sleep troubles began when we moved her ou

Fishing with Daddy

Steve took Emily fishing Saturday morning. She had the best time fishing with her Daddy. She caught her first fish! Steve said she also spent a bunch of time gathering flowers.

Pictures of my Princess'

Emily got these gardening gloves a couple of weeks ago. She immediately started using them as "princess mittens." That is what she calls them. Sarah Kate put this princess skirt on and pulled it up very high. Bless her heart! Sarah Kate was watching an airplane.


Thursday afternoon, I had several errands to run with the girls. We got a late start because I was waiting for Sarah Kate to wake up from her nap. We did not leave the house until about 4:30, so it put us in a lot of work traffic. After our first stop, I needed to take a left out of the parking lot onto a very busy four lane road. I said Emily, "Let's pray that the Lord will clear the way for me to turn out of here." Emily replied,"God better obey us!" I said," Emily, God doesn't obey US, we are to obey him!" She said. "oh." She made me think. I have never thought the phrase, "God better obey me." but I know I have thought in that manner. I sometimes pray wanting God to do what I want, when I want it, that sort of selfish prayer. God sees the big picture. I don't see things with God's perspective like I should. God is working all things for my good and His glory. I need to pray more for God's will. It

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy 34th Birthday to Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you so much! Thank you for being soooooo good to us! It is rainy and stormy today,but you always bring us sunshine! A Happy Birthday wish to another ray of sunlight in my life......Kelly E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Painting Partners

The girls did a little painting today. Makes me proud since I was an elementary art teacher for twelve years. Sarah Kate was telling Emily what she had painted. I always check on the girls right before I get in the bed. This is how I found SK last night. I think I have found the two best drinks in all the world! A Peach milkshake from Chick-fil-a. and A mocha Frappe from McDonald's. PURE BLISS! I can't even speak when I partake of them because they are soooooo good. You have got to try these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother's Day Weekend

I am so blessed to have had my Mother here visiting the past few Mother's Days. We have had the best time shopping/looking this weekend. I am thankful to have a mama who is funny and a lot of fun to be around. My mother would be chawed for people to see her in these house shoes. She said to not get her feet in the picture. She was just trying to get comfortable after church. Steve has been so kind this weekend to give me a break from cooking. He grilled hamburgers last night and cooked roast for us today. Kelly, Scott and Harper joined us for dinner. I think things taste better when you are not the one who cooked them. He also cleaned up the kitchen. Can't beat that! The preschool choir sang this morning, under Kelly's leadership. They did great! This week at preschool is "bring your bike to school." This caused panic for me because Emily did not have a bicycle. She has a little plastic three wheeled riding toy that is on it's last wheel. I know

Health of the Month

Steve spent over an hour paying bills on Sunday afternoon. He said, "most all these bills are medical. We have more medical bills then anyone I know." This come out of my mouth, "well, since the weather is warmer, my goal is that we won't have any more Dr visits till October. It can happen." Who find themselves driving to the Dr yesterday?????????????? Me! I had to take Emily because she had 103.2 temperature. She had also been doubled over in stomach pain. These stomach episodes would last about ten minutes and then she seemed fine. The Dr gave her a good exam and asked if she had said anything about her throat. She has not mentioned her throat! He wanted me to come look at it. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He diagnosed her with Coxsackie Viral infection and Hepangina blisters. I asked him to write it down for me. Never heard of such. I looked on the internet last night and I think she has Hand Foot and Mouth disease. He just said it in a very

Church Lately

P.J. Party musical Last night of AWANA Emily's AWANA leader. Her name is also Emily. My Emily loves her. I think the feeling is mutual. Emily and her friend Alex. Last night Emily had her little preschool choir musical. She would not have missed it for the world. We were proud of her and all the other children. They did a fantastic job! The musical was called P.J. Party, so they got to wear p.j.s to church. Emily stood by Cooper in the musical. She thinks he is pretty grand. She always asks if Cooper is going to be at choir. She asked me what p.j's Cooper would like her to wear. It is sad that she is four years old and already wondering what a boy will think of her. Last Wednesday night she had her AWANA closing program. She has really enjoyed AWANA! Emily has not mentioned the cat to us. I feel we did the right thing!

The Cat Went Back

I am slightly sad to say, but I took Pink-A-Boo back to the cat castle. Emily seems to be okay with it. I just felt overwhelming stress when we got home with the cat on Thursday afternoon. I understand that we did not give it a lot of time, but we just never really bonded with the cat. She seemed VERY sweet and calm, but did not want me or anyone to hold her. I am always so stressed out that Kristen is going to get outside and I was even MORE stressed that this cat would get out. Kristen has been under our bed since Thursday night grunting. I don't even think she has eaten. I learned a lesson on getting another cat. I have a hard enough time taking care of two little children and a special needs cat. Melody, the lady that has the cat castle operates a great program. I knew Pink-A-Boo was going back to a great set-up where she seemed very happy. Melody has a BEAUTIFUL facility that is a cat's dream. The best part is that she never puts any of the cats "down.&quo