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 We are enjoying a beautiful Summer night! If you have a cat, continue reading.  If not, don't waste your time. This is Frisco- weirdest cat on earth. I think he likes us, but he has never just jumped up in my lap.  I can hold him (down) for about 15 seconds and then he is gone. He purrs when he sees us, but we are not allowed to touch him.  One or two strokes on top of his head and he BITES.  Grabs your hand/wrist with his paws and bites the fire out of us. Most cats like to lay in the sun. NOPE.  He lays beside where the sun is coming in. A nice cozy bed?  NO, not him.  He prefers the cold tile floor. CAN ANYTHING CURE THIS????????  The biting is the worst problem. Oh and one more item.  He only eats the food in his bowl.  Any food on the floor NEVER gets eaten.  He would starve before eating off the floor.

Branson Visit

 Steve got off work a little early on Friday and we drove to Branson to spend the night.  When we got there, it was pouring down rain.  Almost like a flood.  There was a break in the rain, so Steve dropped us off at the Landing mall so we could walk to Joes' Crab Shack. I would have walked five miles in the pouring rain to get there.  I LOVE that place!  They told us the wait would be an hour and twenty minutes.  The girls were hungry and at their breaking point.  We sat on a bench and waited an hour and twenty minutes exactly.  The girls had several breakdowns.  We had to wait there because of the heavy rain and lightening.  Then, we waited an hour on our food because they were so busy.  BUT,  I had THE BEST meal of my life!!!!  Worth the wait!  I got the Fireside steam bowl.  BEST THING EVER!  It was sausage, potatoes, corn, King crab, snow crab and shrimp in the worlds most flavorful seasoning that had a smoked grill taste to it!  But, then again it was 9:30 when our food came

Unexpected Work Out

For the past six years, our house has served as a bird sanctuary.  We usually have three bird's nests ON our house and one in the front yard tree.  Birds swarm around us.  I HATE BIRDS!  I have been scared of them for as long as I can remember.  They are my phobia.  Most people fear snakes or mice, I fear birds.  They are so unpredictable with their fluttering and flying.  But, I am also terrified of dead birds, so I don't know how to explain this phobia. A few weeks ago, I noticed a house in our neighborhood that had a cd hanging from their front porch.  These are normal, sensible people so I knew this was not some tacky trending style idea.  I knew it had to serve a purpose.  THE PURPOSE:  to scare away barn swallows.  We have had barn swallows build on our porch for six years now.  I HATE IT!!!!!  We have tried fake snakes and chicken wire, the birds have laughed and built anyway.  I am happy to report that the cd works!!!!!  NO Barn Swallows this Spring and Summer!!!!! B

Happy 6th Birthday, Sarah Kate!

 We have been celebrating Sarah Kate's birthday all day today.  She slept late this morning (8:45).  She had Chic-fil-a for lunch.  Cherry Berry for ice cream and games.  She has had a full and fun day!    Emily helped pick out this doll.  She is so proud of her new Barbie.

Congratulations to our Graduate!

 This little girl graduated from Kindergarten.  Hard to believe that she is almost 6 years old.  SHE LOVES SCHOOL.  Her best friends in school are Rose and Baylee.  She has had the best school year.  All the grandparents came to celebrate.  WE LOVE Sarah Kate's teacher!  Emily had her in kindergarten too!  We are going to miss her so much!

Talent Show

 Brave little Emily sang a solo in her school's talent show.  She sang "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever."  She did a fantastic job!  Singing and art are her thing.  Her best friend, Sarah Grace, came to see her perform.  It meant so much to Emily to have her there!  Sarah Grace even brought Emily flowers!  So thoughtful!  Emily was so proud to have Harper, Hollis and Kelly there!  She loved the support!  I did too!  Mary and Kay came to see their girl! Proud Mama Emily did not even act nervous!  I was a nervous wreck!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so thankful she did such a great job!  She loved being in the talent show.  SO SO proud of her!

The Big Birthday Bash

 For the first time ever, we did a birthday party outside our home.  SK went to a birthday party in March at our local skating rink.  She was pretty miserable because she could not skate and she was scared.  BUT......she wanted to go back the next week.  In fact, we have taken them skating several times since.  Sarah Kate wanted to have her birthday party there.  We invited our church friends and her school friends.  She had the best time and was surrounded by friends she loves.  She is so social!  She will turn 6 this coming Saturday, June 14th.

A Look Back

 Although I am happy for the girls to have Summer break,  I always get a little down thinking about how they are growing up so fast.  I can't believe Sarah Kate will be in 1st grade and Emily will be in the 3rd grade.  Their school has a program where the parents can buy a book and dedicate it in honor of their child.  The librarian decorates the inside cover with a picture of your child and a message from the parents.  We purchased SK a book in honor of her 6th birthday coming up next week.  She was so proud! The have had such a great school year.  They have had wonderful teachers!  Here I am at 3. Here is Steve at about the same age. I posted these on facebook yesterday for throwback Thursday.