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Fresh Apple Cake

I have been craving apple cake lately. Apple cake probably does not sound good to anyone except me and maybe a ninety year old woman. I decided that Emily and I would make one this week. It is baking as I type. It might not be worth a flip, but we had fun making it. Some Emily funnies: Last night we were watering our flowers on the patio. There were some pink flowers in particular that were VERY wilted. Emily said,"Mom, these flowers are so sad!" Then she went to the planter with her watering can and said,"Oh girl, I'll help you get up." Later on that night Emily asked if she could go out and see if those flowers had gotten up. Emily calls Little House on the Prairie "Little House and the Fairy." I don't know who she thinks the fairy is. She is pretty fond of Laura.

A Wild Life

Due to Steve's crazy work hours lately, he was able to take off early on Friday afternoon. We made a little family outing to the Gentry Wilderness Safari. We made wonderful memories together. We were able to get up close and personal with some of the residents. Emily was a little hesitant to pet the animals. Kristen the cat has caused her to be scared of all animals. We loved seeing this joey in it's mama's pouch. Have you ever read the account in the Bible about a donkey that spoke? Check out Numbers 22:1-36. Isn't this tiger cub cute? My girls favorite animal: THE KITTENS . Sarah Kate went to her buddy, Wells, birthday on Saturday. Saturday night, my friend, June, surprised me with a jar of Albert's Famous Hot Sauce. Albert knows what he is doing! It is the best I have ever had from a store. Although I do love On the Border's salsa that you find in the grocery. Some random thoughts: On Saturday afternoon I went to Walmart to get a curtain rod. I enc

Salsa! (Not The Dance)

I had a great test of self-control last night! I passed the test!!! I offered to bring chips and salsa from Chili's to playgroup this morning. I decided it would be easier to get the chips and salsa last night after Steve got home, rather than be late to playgroup and get the girls out in the heat. I got the salsa around 9:00 last night. I had to keep it in my fridge until 11:00.a.m. today when playgroup started. I knew this would be very difficult for me not to eat it. You see, I am not normal. I can't just have a little taste and be done with it. When I eat chips and salsa I just have to have a moment with it. I inhale each heavenly bite. I have seen how my sweet friends drizzle at little salsa over their chips on a plate. I can't do that. It has to be all or nothing with me. I have been known to eat 8 and 9 bowls of Chili's salsa. The wait staff have given me drink cups of salsa to save them a trip to my table over and over. I just simply LOVE the stu

The Library

This is Emily's drawing of her Uncle Justin, Aunt Cissy and cousin Reid. Justin is wearing a hat. Emily loves to draw her family! Aunt Cissy sent Sarah Kate this darling pillow case dress for her Birthday! This morning, I took the girls to the local public library for story time. I am trying to recover from our visit there. I am worn out! The place was out of control. I am sure there were around 40 or more children there for story time and there was not enough room for all the children to fit. They sit in a really cool enclosed dome for the children's time. I shoved Emily in the room while Sarah Kate refused to sit with her. SK was overwhelmed and so was I. I spent the next thirty minutes trying to keep Sarah Kate from destroying the library. After the stories, they did a craft. SK joined Emily for this. SK threw THREE major fits while we were there. The entire library was looking at us!!! When she doesn't get her way, she goes down to the floor, spreads o

Family Reunion

We headed to South Arkansas again last Thursday to visit my parents and go to a family reunion. I looked forward to this reunion! It was not one of those reunions where I didn't know people and had to try to remember names. I have grown up with these people. They have been a part of my life. Steve was not able to go with me, so I spent most of my time making sure my girls did not get into trouble. The girls never seemed to be in the same place at the same time. Steve is always so helpful with the girls in situations like that. I could never really relax as I watched and helped them. But, we did have a really great time. My girls played and played and played. They loved being with their cousins. We have been with our family now for over a week and a half. They are all gone now, and it seems quite in the house. We miss them all. Steve is working some LONG, stressful hours at work right now. We have not seen him as much lately as we would like. I have to remember it is

Framed Bow Holder

Some of you had asked me how I made the bow holder and the necklace holder. I thought I would tell you how today. I get CHEAP frames at Hobby Lobby. They have a section with damaged frames for next to nothing. I think this one was 75% off. I try to find frames that are dark in color. I had the people at HL cut me some mat board for the frame. They put the staples in the edges to hold it in for me. They also put a wire hanger on the back. I think they charged about $2. I also purchased some batting that was REALLY cheap. I found this fabric and ribbon there too. I used a hot glue gun to hold down the batting. I pulled the fabric around the edges and hot glued it too. The three ribbons to hold the bows were ...yes, you guessed I got some cheap house paint and painted the frame off white. I gave it 24 hours to dry and then used sand paper on the edges to make it look antiqued. Fun and easy! Sarah Kate put this tutu on this morning. She is loving to dress up

Happy Birthday Sarah Kate!

Sarah Kate is two today! This is Emily the first time she ever saw Sarah Kate. This is one of our favorite pictures. My Dad took this as the grandmothers brought Emily in to see her new baby sister. Two years ago today!

Dancing and a Party

Emily had her very first dance recital last night. My parents, Steve's parents and Aunt Kelly were all there to see Emily perform. The recital made everything worth it. Let me explain. I have wondered all along if Emily really should be in dance. I always had to wake SK up from her nap to take Emily to class. I had to wrestle with SK during the hour lesson. (SK wanted to be on the dance floor too.) I dreaded taking Emily to class when we were walking through ice, rain or 1 degree for the high of the day. It was also a chunk of money for this "tight as the bark on a tree" Mama. But.....last night, seeing Emily all dressed up, wearing make-up and then doing a REALLY GOOD JOB made everything worth it. I think she really is interested in dance. Today we had Sarah Kate's 2nd Birthday! Her real day is tomorrow. I invited her nursery buddies. I think they all had a good time. Kacy and Wells, Amanda and Neely Kinley Ella Kate enjoying some pizza Erin and Kelly.