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I was so happy to be able to put Emily in Fall clothes this morning. She insisted that she have her picture made in the crib with Sarah Kate. You know the saying," pick your battles." I didn't figure it would hurt.

A Hard Week

I have been seeing a show advertised on T.V. called "Worst Week." Although I did not see the show when it premiered this week, I have found my self saying it's name......."this has been the worst week." I feel like I have not heard too much of anything good. Every phone call has been a bad report about someone or something. Let me just name a few of the things I have faced this week. A friend/neighbor had a miscarriage, some good friends in our Sunday School class are moving out of state, a cousin is in the hospital with numerous blood clots in his lungs and stomach, a close friend at church lost her Dad to ALS,a highschool friend lost his son in a car accident, and the best lifelong friend's Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After I talked to my friend Thursday night after the diagnosis, I was just in a daze. I was so stunned that I did crazy things like put the milk in the pantry and that sort of thing. In this life, Bad things

Wedding Weekend

I had a big big weekend in Mt Magazine at my friend Hillary's wedding. I was so honored to be a bridesmaid. I had a great time with my friends in a beautiful setting. I have not ever been a bridesmaid and a mother, although I was thirteen weeks pregnant in Megan's wedding. This is Megan in the picture with my best friend, Kelly. My mother went along and took care of Sarah Kate. I am so thankful I had my mother there to take care of SK while a participated in the wedding activites. SK got a terrible cold earlier in the week and she has been so stopped up and congested. Emily stayed home with her Daddy, my Dad and Steve's parents. I was so thankful I invited all the parents to come because Emily got sick and had to go to to the Doctor on Sat. morning. Emily has Croup, Bless her heart! I could not have made and stayed sane without the parents to help out. Here is the couple: Josh and Hillary Here is some of the wedding party with Hillary. Kelly and I ready for pic

The Weekend

This past weekend I had my college friend, Kim come and visit. Kim is one of the most kind and wise people I have ever known. She could also be a professional comedian. She is so funny. I just look at her and start laughing. Kim has a foster baby right now who is the same age as Sarah Kate. It was so fun to have another baby in the house. I busted out this Bumbo seat for the babies this weekend. I love it and so does Sarah Kate. She looks like a little woman sitting in it. Sarah Kate was 3 months on Sunday so I took the girls to get their pictures made yesterday. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. I just had to share this black and white. It was the best!

Playgroup and Carseat Makeover

I hosted playgroup today at my house. We had lots of fun and craziness. I had intended to take a picture of every Mom and baby, but as the crowd got bigger I forgot about the camera. I was too busy making sure everyone had food and drink and no children escaped out the door and that Emily was sharing and Sarah Kate was not crying, that sort of thing. BUT, the pictures I did take were wonderful! I love having guest in our home! This is Amanda and Neely. Mary Avery and John Michael with Sarah Kate. This is Susanne , Hope and Hudson. Jessica and Braxton A friend at church made this new carseat cover for Sarah Kate. The old one was old, dirty and boyish looking. She did a great job on this and did it sooo fast!

This Thumb was Made for Sucking

Minutes after Sarah Kate was born I noticed her sucking her thumb. She never really did it again until a couple of weeks ago. Now, she loves to suck her left thumb. I sucked my thumb till I was about 4. Steve also sucked his thumb. She gets it natural. She was 12 weeks old Saturday. Time is going by too fast!

Haircut Take Two

My last post did NOT capture the after shots like I intended them to. These show the real look after the haircut.


This is Emily before her second haircut. She was so excited to get it cut and I had really talked it up all week. The minute Bekah sprayed her hair with a water bottle it was all downhill from there. Emily cried and screamed and acted terrible. BUT....the results were beautiful! It is hard to tell the difference in the pictures, but it looks so cute! The next two pictures were taken when we got home. She is so proud of her new look!

Emily's Clever Phone Holder

Emily loves to pretend she is talking on the phone. She often pretends to call her grandparents and Uncle Justin and many times she calls Kelly and Scott. A few times she has even told us she has talked to God. This morning she was talking and she said it was Meme. She went on to say that "meme at the mall getting some cheese." When I think of the mall, I don't think of cheese. As Emily was telling me about her conversation with Meme, she closed her phone and put it in the side of her diaper and went on about her business. Those stretchy sides are not just for a good fit, they hold phones! A few weeks ago Meredith tagged me about 6 quirks about myself. I had to think about it and limit it to six. There are so many! 1. All the blinds in the house have to be either all closed up or all closed down before I can go to bed. 2. I always get the same thing each time at all the resturants we go to. Once I find a good item on the menu, I stick with it! 3. I HAVE to