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The Mullet Cutting

Since the first time we ever saw baby Emily she had a rat tail. As she has grown and her hair has grown , it has become an all out mullet. Only a mother's love can love that little mullet on my precious daughter. It has actually really entertained Steve and I thinking that, " our daughter has a mullet." It is just the way her hair grows. Bless her heart. Last Thursday night I decided to cut the mullet. It had began to cause her problems when I would take a bib off and accidently pull her hair in the bib's velcro. She would scream and cry in protest. As I looked at her last Thursday morning, I thought," there is no reason for her to have her hair this way. I am going to cut it when Steve gets home." Of course, Steve did not object. I wet her hair down and in one chop got the mullet. I was a little nervous to see it at first. I rushed her to the bath for a good hair washing and styling and it looked great! I was so glad I cut it! It stills comes to a point, bu


I decided that I better blog today before I get kicked out of the blogging circle. I blog today in a new home. Three weeks ago we moved 30 minutes up the road to be closer to Steve's work and our beloved church and friends. We are really loving it. I miss my old neighborhood and neighbors, but I LOVE my new house and my new space! I also love being so close to church and the activities I am involved in. I was thinking last night that Steve and I have been through a lot of changes since we got married: 1. We changed churches. 2. We got pregnant 6 months into marriage. 3. I stopped working when Emily was born. 4. Steve started a new job in his company. 5. We made a move to a new house. That is a lot for two and a half years of marriage. It has all been great changes. Another change, Emily is walking EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! She is into everything. I am loving my time right now when she is asleep. But, when she wakes up after a good nap I am always so excited to see