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Hanging in Harper's Crib

My sweet new neighbor, Michelle, gave me this message board that she made. I LOVE it! She got a silver tray and painted chalkboard paint in the center. Wow! I am going to get a big black easel and display it in my kitchen. I am so glad that I can be with Kelly and Harper now! I have gotten some good cuddle time with this sweetheart in the middle. Harper did not know what to make of all the children invading her crib. Look at Sarah Kate looking at Harper cry. SK did her share of crying at this age.

Story Behind the Cut

Let me give you a little background about the new haircut by Emily. Emily LOVES hair! (and shoes) She has been wanting a pony tail for several months now. We finally arrived at pony tail length about a month ago. Emily had been so proud to sport a pony tail. Emily has thought that you could just cut your hair into a pony tail. She would ask me to cut her a pony tail. When I get my haircut, she would ask, "Bekah gonna cut you a pony tail?" She told Steve and I that yesterday she was cutting a pony tail. Also, I let Emily play a little game on called Beauty Shop. She can wash, cut, style and color Barbie's hair and her friends on this cute little game. She had just finished playing this game before the real cutting began. I keep the little Crayola Kiddie scissors high in the cabinet, but had let her use them Wed night and again yesterday morning when she first got up. The scissors were left on the table. I forgot to put them up when she was done cu

I Have To Laugh or I WIll Cry!

This has been a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was getting ready this morning, Emily gave herself "the perfect mullet." I came into the living room and my heart sank. There was hair everywhere and Emily had a mullet. I cried, then I would laugh, cry, laugh, cry, laugh. I called Steve and he did not answer. I called my Mom and I called Kelly. Emily cried with me. All I knew to do was get in the car and find a professional who could help us. In the meantime, SK put some of the hair on the floor in her mouth and that was an ordeal. Emily was crying, I was crying and Sarah Kate was crying. The first salon I came to helped us. Steve came and met us there to see the hair and talk to Emily. This is the sad thing.................... Emily is proud of her work. Loves the new " do." I am sad, but I realize it is only hair. It will grow. I did the same thing around the same age under the kitchen table. Ever cut your hair as a child???????????????? As E was

Ten Months Old

Happy 10 month Birthday to Sarah Kate! She says uh-ohhhh when she drops something. She loves to shake her head "no." She waves bye bye. SHE IS ALWAYS ON THE MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful Easter!

We have had a great weekend. We have been very busy, but have also had some time to relax. We had Evangalist, Junior Hill at our church this morning. There were lots of people saved!!!!!! What a wonderful Easter to see all these people walking the aisle and giving their lives to the Lord! Look who came to see us today! Harper, the miracle baby! I got to hold her for a little bit and I was delighted. She is a pretty baby girl! We also enjoyed our time with Kelly and Scott. Our friends, Hillary and Josh, came to see us on Saturday from Little Rock. They are a lot of fun! SK looks like she should be in the wagon on Little House on the Prairie. We got a new kitchen table last week. We are enjoying it!

Before and After

I have never been crazy about the stained wood built-ins and mantel in our house. We had it painted over the last few days. We also changed the wall color. I feel like I have a new house!

The Best Gifts Cost Nothing

Here is Emily with her little friend, Baylor. Such a cute little couple. haha! As a VERY special treat for my birthday, Kelly brought over precious Harper. It was my BEST birthday gift!!!!!!! I have just been hurting to be around her! She LOVED my girls. She would stare and smile, stare and smile. SO sweet and darling. It made my day!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I can't wait to get my hands on her! I am so thankful for my friendship with Kelly and thrilled that Harper is so healthy.