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Happy Birthday, Emily!

Sweet little Emily is SEVEN years old today!  It seems unreal.  She is a precious little girl with such a kind heart.  She loves to read, draw and write stories.  She loves her church and school. We are so proud of our Birthday girl!!!

A Very Merry Christmas Eve

We spent our Christmas with Steve's parents in Collierville, Tn.  We had a very nice time and the girls LOVED playing with their cousins.  Here they all are:  Meg, Reid, Kay-K and Pop.  This BEAUTIFUL baby girl is about the best baby I have ever been around!  She eats good, sleeps good and never cries.  You just turn your head in her direction and she smiles.  She turned one a couple of weeks ago.  We spent Christmas Eve at Granny's house in Mississippi.  The girls had so much fun playing.  Here is Ava Katherine and Maddie.  I must say that we ate some wonderful food on this day. Loving on Granny.  Allison, Sam Henry and Josh  Precious little Madden, his mom Olivia, Cissy, Stephanie Olivia, Madden and Matt All the little cousins draw names for gifts.  Here are all the children waiting to tear into their gifts. It was a VERY Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas from my little Rudolph. Emily had her school Christmas party this week.  I was glad I got to be a part of the fun! I read a quote by Louie Giglio this week that I thought was great:  "Remember Christmas is not YOUR birthday." Merry Christmas!

Friends Christmas!

Yesterday morning, we got about fifty flakes of snow.  SK wanted to go out and build a snowman.  Of course there was no snowman, but she had a wonderful time. She said that wearing mittens would not look good in the picture. Kelly came over yesterday with her girls! We LOVED the visit and the gifts!!!!! I love these little girls so much! Emily had p.j. day at school. Sweet little girls!!!! I am thrilled with my Christmas gift from Kelly.  LOVE!!!!

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Sarah Kate has NEVER EVER wanted anyone to sleep with her.  In her four and a half years she has stayed in our bed a maximum of about thirty minutes.  There have been nights when she has had an ear ache or a leg ache and I have wanted her to sleep in our bed and she has never wanted any part of it. She has never ever even gotten in Emily's bed, not even for a bedtime story. When we went to Gulf Shores this Summer with Kelly and Scott, I wondered how she would do sleeping with Harper or Emily.  I think she slept with Harper a night or two.  I thought of it as a miracle. I don't know what happened, but on Thursday night, I read the girls a book and Bible and Emily got super super sleepy and asked if she could just stay in Sarah Kate's bed.  SK did NOT object.  I had planned to move E to her bed right before I went to bed, but I got tired and lazy and just left her there. They slept all night. Friday night, they both wanted to sleep together.  I let them....They got u

Christmas Ride

Last night we took our babies out to eat and then to look at Christmas lights.  We ate at a family favorite the Flying Fish.  Some people were giving horse and carriage rides around our square.  The girls loved this little pony riding them round.  We had lots of fun listening to Christmas music and looking at the beautiful lights.  I am just so grateful for our family time this weekend.  I can't stop thinking and praying for those who lost their precious children.  These pictures are just the pits....I took them on my phone.

Christmas Singing

 The girls sang at church Sunday night.  They both did great!  Emily LOVES her school teacher and her daughters.  The two girls next to Emily belong to her teacher.  Emily looks up to these girls so much.  They are always so good and kind to Emily. Emily's class did a performance on Monday morning.  We were so proud of her.  She did super with her speaking parts.  She was also selected Student of the Week!

Santa Party and an Auction

 My Friend Caryn had a meet Santa party on Sunday afternoon.  It was a magical time!  We had a lovely time.  The house was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  It got me in the Christmas mood! SK was a bit nervous about Santa.  Emily told Santa that she would be happy with anything he brought her.  Santa was sooooo friendly and kind.  SK wanted to watch from a far for a few minutes.  She warmed up. This was a magical memory that the girls will never forget! One of my very best friends, Sara, from college is now a missionary.  I enjoy seeing her every Summer.  She means so much to me! Her brother, Tim and Sister in law, Cassie feel lead by the Lord to adopt from Africa.  The Lord has worked miracle after miracle to place twin boys in their family.  They are almost two years old.  They will be given a wonderful home.  Cassie and Tim are fantastic people.  Cassie amazes me because she can do it all and do it all well!!!!! Cassie is having an online auction to help with the expenses

Sing to the King

  The girls had their children's choir preformances this Sunday.  They did wonderful!  SK acted like she was super shy on staage.  I don't know if that was real or not.  We were so thankful that my parents came to see them sing.