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Cup and Clothes Woes

I made a stop at a QT (Quick Trip).  But, my trip was not quick.  I have never ever seen so many lids.  This is all I could fit in my camera lens.  There were many more.  I have to say it stressed me out a bit.  Which lid did I need?  Everyone I was with was back in the car and buckled up and I was still trying to find the appropriate lid.  I went with the purple, super high quality lid for my tea.  Decisions, decisions. Sarah Kate's new clothing crisis. Well, we have finally gotten to a place that she will wear more than dresses.  She LOVES leggings.  Will wear shorts now and will once in a blue moon wear pants with not too much crying.  BUT, we have a new problem:  Clothes with words.  She is NOT having it.  This started about two weeks ago.  Steve picked her up from school one day this week and she came out with her backpack on her back and her hands covering up the front of this shirt.  She said she kept her hands over her shirt all day and it had been a horrible day-

Fun Saturday

Saturday morning our friend Kristin was in town.  We had a wonderful time eating and visiting at Cracker Barrel.  Kristin is one of the sweetest most likeable girls you could ever meet.  So glad to have her as my friend.   I took Sarah Kate to a birthday party at Build a Bear for her friend Madaline.  She had the best time!    SK and Harper both picked cats.  Makes me laugh because Kelly can't stand cats. SK with the Birthday girl.  They got to be good friends in AWANA this year.  We ended Saturday night by going out to eat with Kelly and Scott.  We always enjoy their company!    

Party Fun

 On Saturday Sarah Kate went to a birthday party for her friend Caroline.  The party was American Girl themed. It was so very cute!  SK had a gret time!  They all had their picture made posing as an American Girl doll in a box. An artist was there to teach the girls how to paint a hot air balloon.  Sarah Kate did GREAT!!!!!  I LOVED her painting.  I hung it on the wall the second we got home.  She is so proud of her work!

Dot .Mom

Last Febuary, I went with some of my best friends to the conference in Frisco,Tx.  It was one of the very best events I have EVER been to.  I would go again in a heartbeat.  I ordered the flashdrive from the conference and I have been listening to it while the girls are at school. I just want to share some of the things that stuck with me and I hope they will be as helpful to you as they have been to me: Don't ask your daughter if she is dating a Christian, ask her if she is dating a Godly man. Most of the time, it is not good to rescue your child.  When they go through very difficult situations, it makes them cling to Jesus. Train their heart, not their behavior. Facebook and cell phones can cause a whole lot of trouble for kids and their parents, but technology is not really the problem.  It is a heart issue. Moving slow is not a character flaw. For the the single girl:  The only thing worse than waiting is wishing you had of. Help your child find an ac

School Day

It is here!  School!  BOTH girls are officially in school.  Emily is in second grade and Sarah Kate is in Kindergarten.  Seems crazy that they are this old.  The girls both got great teachers.  I started praying last Spring that they would get just the teacher they need.  God answered our prayers.  The girls LOVE their teachers!  They also seem to have some really sweet kids in their classes. Sarah Kate did not want us to walk her into her room.  After I took this picture, she said,"Now just go!" GO!"  I am so happy she loves school.  I hope this will continue.

Writer's Block

Steve asked me yesterday if I was going to ever blog again.  I said, "well yes, I just have not had anything interesting to write about." I have a question. My girls are 5 and 7 and they can get extremely jealous of one another.  The biggest cause for this comes with birthday parties.  If Emily is invited to a party SK cries and cries and cries that she can't go.  If Sarah Kate is the one invited and Emily is not, Emily will cry and cry and talk about it and talk about it. Yesterday Sarah Kate got invited to a party at Build -a- Bear.  Emily cried her eyes out and talked about how unfair it was and so forth. I try to sit them down and explain that they are always going to have different friends and get invited to parties for the next several years and most of the time BOTH of them will not go.  They understand that and accept it until party day comes and it always makes a miserable time the girl not going and for ME! Is it just our family , or do you have this too?