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A Bunch of Randomness

Last weekend Emily's school had their Costume Carnival.  Emily loved going around to the different booths with her best friend, Sarah Grace. Before church on Sunday. For those of you who have read my blog for a while, you may have picked up on my crazy fear of birds.  Those of you who know me well, have seen me act a fool because of a bird.  People often ask where the bird fear came from.  I really don't know, but I have three ideas. 1.  When I was little, around 3, I remember stepping on some baby bird eggs as I was walking home from our next door neighbor's house.  A tree had been cut down that day,  the eggs had fallen and I accidently stepped on one of them.  I remember I was wearing sandals and I remember being upset about what had happened. 2.  I had a cat for nearly twenty years.  She would often kill birds and bring them to our door to show us her prize.  GROSS. 3.  Last week,  I was reading Sing a Song of Sixpence to my girls and I just shuddered......

Princess Gloves

Here is what I found when I went in to check on Sarah Kate before I went to bed.  She took her socks off and made them into these fancy white gloves.  She looks like a tired princess.


We had playgroup this morning.  The children wore their costumes. After I put on my jeans this morning, I decided I would go and just drink a glass of ice water.  BUT,  Caryn went all out and had my favorite pizza-Mazzio's.  I could not resist.  It was so good!  Then I topped it off with a Reese's cup and some m&ms and some Whoppers and some Hershey bars.  I enjoyed every bite! I also enjoyed being with my wonderful friends!  I LOVE being with my Sunday School class girls!!!!

The Ole Glitter Fairy

Emily went to her best friend's sister's birthday party about three weeks ago.  She had a wonderful time at the party! The party was fairy themed and it was all just darling. The children were read a story about a glitter fairy named Camilla that would make your wishes come true!  Just sprinkle some special glitter dust on your head and the fairy would come grant your wish. Well, Emily put and entire vile of glitter on her head.  (That was fun getting out!)  She wished for a kitten.  She was convinced she would have a kitten by morning. Next morning came and there was no kitten. Emily has not given up.  Most every night right before she goes to bed, she writes a note for the fairy and puts it under her pillow. Each note gets a little more desperate.   Emily has convinced Sarah Kate to start wishing.   I noticed a note in Emily's window Saturday morning.   I love this one.  I laughed so hard as I was reading it.  It is a letter for Jesus.

Happy Eight Years!

  Eight years ago today I married the love of my life.  I am so very very thankful for him.  I believe that Steve was God's pick for me. God has been good to us and we are grateful! We spent last weekend in Branson and we had a very fun and relaxing time.  It was just great to get away for a little while. I love you Steve!!!!

Thank God for Hometowns

Carrie Underwood's new c.d. has a song on it called "Thank God for Hometowns."  That is exactly what I was thinking as I spent the weekend in my hometown while Steve hunted. Here are a few of the lines: Thank God for hometowns  And all the love that makes them go round  Thank God for the county lines that welcome you back in  When you were dying to get out. Thank God for church pews  And all the faces that won't forget you..... I always love going back to my hometown! My hometown has, in my opinion, the best fajitas in the WORLD!!!!!  Sweet, carmelized vadalia onions and flavorful char-grilled chicken.  They are delicious!!!!!  The chips and salsa is SOOOOO good too.  I could drink it with a straw.  The place is called "What's Cookin?" Going to feed the horse across the street with Granddaddy. After church on Sunday. Right before driving back to NWA. My hometown has Icees at most every gas station!!!!!!  I am thankful for

Sarah Kate Says

I just want to share some of the funny things Sarah Kate has been saying lately. She is now in her big size bed.  She has told me several times that 6 friends can spend the night in it.  She has lots of room in that bed, but she can just keep dreaming about the 6 friends spending the night.  I am not ready for that yet. She loves green beans.  When I little bean comes out of them she calls them "seeds." She calls Macaroni and cheese "macarobi and cheese." When she wants me to peel an apple she says,  "will you take the wrapper off this?" Sarah Kate did NOT say this, but I read it yeterday and loved it: People disappoint, God does not! Hope your weekend is great!

Sweet Retreat and Sweet Guests

 Last Thursday night our church hosted what we call "Sweet Retreat."  Our speaker was Mamie McCullough.  It was great!!!!  She is so funny and encouraging.  If you ever get a chance to hear her speak...GO.  We also had great music.  The Lord really blessed our time together.  I am so thankful our church reaches out to women.  We were happy to have our parents here with us this weekend.  Pop celebrated his Birthday on Sunday.  We had a little party.  Kay-K and Pop  Emily has been wanting to paint her little pumpkin.  I let her paint it this morning and she did a great job! Meme and Emily.

Bitty Bear"s Bed

Last night SK slept in her new bed.  She was soooooo excited.  She loves it!!!!

Ready for a Big Bed

Sarah Kate has been sleeping in a little toddler bed for the past two years.  I decided that she needed to have a big girl bed.  Saturday afternoon Steve was kind enough to take me on a bed search. I planned to get SK a very nice bed from a nice furniture store that would match the dark furniture in her room.  But, after looking and pricing,  I did NOT want to spend that much money. So, we ended up going junking.  I found a full size bed and rails for a deal!!!!  I could not pass it up.  Over the weekend I have been painting her new bed.  She is excited to have it in her room. Now I have to get her some cute sheets for the new bed. I love projects like these! Yesterday we had the girls with us in the church service.  Several youth were baptised.  Sarah Kate speaks out in full voice as she points,  "are there fish in there?"