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Going for the Gold

Well, after much thought, prayer and discussion, we have landed on an activity!  GYMNASTICS!  The girls both LOVE it!!!!!!  They want to go everyday! They are happy-I am happy!

Make-Up and Miracle

 I had the most wonderful time Friday morning with two of my beloved friends!!!! Kelly and I spent the morning at Elizabeth's for make-up lessons.  Elizabeth has flaw-less make-up!  She always looks so beautiful-inside and out!!!!  Kelly and I have been wanting her to give us some helpful hints.  It was so much fun!!!!  GREAT FOOD, GREAT CONVERSATION and GREAT TIPS!!  I loved watching Elizabeth do her make-up and she did my eyes.  I should have taken a picture.  When I picked up Emily from school, she hopped in the car and said, "oohhhh.......  you look beautiful!" Here is Kelly holding Elijah.  He is really really CUTE and sweet! A miracle happened last week! Sarah Kate seems to have been cured from the "I can only wear dresses syndrome."  Life at our house is so much easier and pleasant.  I had told her last week that since she was starting pre-k she needed to start wetaring pants and shorts. I have been praying that she would not be so particula

Sarah Kate Starts School

Sarah Kate started Pre-school this week. She got a great teacher and I am trusting she is going to have a wonderful year! I had lunch with Emily at school yesterday.  I asked her if she wanted me to bring her Sonic or Chick-fil-a, but she said,  " I really like the cafeteria food better."  Bless her sweet heart! Out little friend Lena Kate came over this morning while her Mom had a meeting.  I think Lena had a really good time,but Sarah Kate made her be Mrs. Hannigan from Annie,  a dog and a baby.  Lena did not seem to mind any of it and SK was happy as a lark.

Big Weekend

Emily lost her 5th tooth on Saturday!  She is soooo terrified of having her teeth pulled.  It had been dangling for about 3 days before I pulled it.  I didn't even have to "pull" it. I basically touched it and it came out. Sunday was promotion Sunday at church.  Emily moved to the first grade SS and children's church.  All first graders receive a Bible. When I checked on Sarah Kate on Sunday night, this is how I found her.  Feet propped up on a bus. She does not realize how funny she is!

Fun with Friends at the Fair

Last night we went to the fair with friends.  The highlight of the experience was seeing and holding the baby chicks.  Sarah Kate loved holding them, Emily loved seeing them.  I am afraid some of the chicks nearly lost their lives after Sarah Kate held them.  She squeezed some too tight. I happily stayed outside the pen and took pictures! Emily and Sarah Grace are best friends! Here are Steve and Emily trying to bump into Sarah Grace.  I always loved bumper cars when I was little. And finally........right before we left, Emily got brave enough to hold a chick!!!!  We were so proud of her.  Look how happy Sarah Grace was for Emily!

What Matters Most

Yesterday was one of those days that I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.  I worked hard all day long to get the house straight and clean, but by bedtime it looked worse than before I started. I read a qoute recently that I loved and will remember always....."cleaning your house with children around is liking eating Oreos and brushing your teeth at the same time. Just as things were looking great, SK pulled at least twenty items out of her closet to find something new to wear.  The girls destroyed both their rooms looking for a certain doll.  SK dropped a bowl of fruit cocktail in the kitchen.  Kristen plucked out half her fur on her side.  Sticky hands had touched the freshly cleaned back door windows.  I cooked and used several pots and get the picture. I went to bed feeling the day had been wasted, like I had accomplished nothing. This morning, I was reading in 1 Corinthians 13.  What matters MOST is how we love.  Love is the most excellent way!  We c

Some Things I LOVE!

Beautiful flowers for cheap in my mason jars! I LOVE this new drink.  I know that there is really nothing very healthy about it, but it is like drinking an apple Jolly Rancher. These little scent crystals in the blue bottle smell heavenly!  Makes doing laundry fun! This little girl named Sarah Kate.

Grandma's Brag Book

 Nothing like looking through a strangers photo album is there?  I knew the grandparents would want to see these. Speaking of grandparents............. I have been asked twice in the past two weeks if I was the girls grandmother. I was in the bank a couple of weeks ago and a lady asked me if Sarah Kate was my daughter  or granddaughter.  Then she asked her name.  I could not even answer her because I was so rattled and shocked. Then I got my eye brows waxed over the weekend and the lady asked if I was the grandmother. WOW!  I think I need to get my hair colored.  I DO have gray,but good grief.  I feel 28! Next time I get asked that question I am going to say,  "No,  I am their Great-Grandmother!"

First Grader

We have a first grader!  She is loving it!  I pray she will continue to love it!

Graycee- The Cat God Sent

We have another cat!  Kristen has a new sister. Sunday Sarah Kate told me there was a cat at the door.  I saw a young cat trying to get in.  She was scratching at the door. Emily prayed right then and there that we could keep the cat.  When Emily went to bed she asked me to pray the cat would stay with us forever. Got up Monday and she was still there. I fed her and gave her water.  I KNEW we had a cat then. ha!  She was STARVING!!!!  I asked some folks in the neighborhood about her.  Nobody knows who she belongs to.  But, another neighbor has a cat that looks just like her hanging out at there house too. I took her to the vet and the tested to see if she had a micro chip.  She did not.  I got her some shots and flea control. She is going to be our outside cat.  Emily is SOOO SOOOO HAPPY!!!!  Sarah Kate is pretty thrilled herself. I have so been wanting the girls to have a pet that they could love on and would love them back.  It was a new experience for us to take a c