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OH MY JOSH! That seems to be the favorite phrase for Emily right now. My mother told me that I am always saying ," oh my gosh" and Emily has just picked it up from me. She just has a letter wrong. Well, I heard "OH MY JOSH" for every bow I pulled out of the box from Allison today. Allison is the bow making queen and she does them right! We are blog friends and she sent my girls these bows today. WE LOVE THEM! They are so cute, good quality and you can even wash them. They had to check themselves out in the mirror with the bows on. Sarah Kate was thrilled too. She was saying "Happy Birthday to me" as I was showing her the bows. If you are wanting some good ,cute bows contact Allison at: You will not be disappointed. I left her alone for about three minutes on Friday. Emily starts saying,"OH----MY----JOSH!" This picture was made right after I took the marker away and put it in a high high cabinet.

Baby Face

I am sooooo thankful to say that Sarah Kate's face is almost back to normal. Thank you Aquaphor for speeding up the healing. SK's hair looks like fluff and puff in this picture and I love it! I like big hair! Also, thank you for the compliments on the red chest. I used a color from Sherwin Williams called Salute. I painted it, and then used sand paper to take paint off on the edges and ridges.


When I was in South Arkansas this Summer I bought this old chest of drawers for $45 at a flea market. It was dark wood, but pretty worn and torn. I wanted to paint it RED. Last week I sanded it, painted it, and then antiqued it. I LOVE doing that kind of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it in my entry way. It is going to be great for storage. I am keeping Emily's school work in it. ( I DO have knobs for the top drawer, they are just not on there yet!) Sarah Kate had an allergic reaction to the church's baby wipes at Mother's Day Out. Bless her sweet heart! BUT...........this really explains a lot! SK has had REALLY bad diaper rash for about a year now. It is always worse on Sunday, Tuesday and Wed. Those are the days we are at church. We have thought that it might be the church wipes. Now we know. They cleaned her messy face with a wipe and this is what happened. She has VERY VERY sensitive skin. I am going to start taking our own wipes to church for her. She had

Emily Started Preschool!

I asked Kristen to make monkey lips for the camera. Silly Bands have been a big hit at our house.......with Kristen the cat. She is like a kitten again. I hope we do not have to make a trip to the vet because of these. I can see them now, wrapping around her intestines. Yes, she is eating them. I try to keep them away from her. She plays with them like she would a mouse and then eats them. Emily loves them too. She wears the whole package on her arm at once. Emily started preschool this week. I think she had a good day. Emily has a great teacher. Sarah Kate missed her sooo much. She asked me about 50 times,"Where Emily go?" When we picked Emily up Sarah Kate hugged her over and over. She hugged her really tight off and on all the way to her car. SK patted Emily when they got in their car seats. They have fought a lot this Summer, but they do love each other.

The County Fair

My parents came to visit a few days last week. We had a really good time with them. Saturday morning, we all went to the fair. I think we were crazy to go because it was sooooooo HOT! We went last year and the girls LOVED it. Emily has been talking about the fair for a year now. This is right before we left for the fair. We were looking at the rabbits here. I felt so sorry for them because they were so hot. Emily got to pet a goat. How I feel after a good dinner at Chili's. My girls LOVE chips. Sarah Kate was enjoying her Cheetos. Don't you just love Cheetos fingers? There were some baby baboons at the fair this year. They were in a little fence. It was not really meant to contain them. One of the baboons spotted Steve and came and jumped all over him. The monkey ended up on Steve's back, so he leaned down and let it crawl down his arm back into the fence. (I have always thought I looked like a baboon.) The reason the girls were at the fair: THE RIDES! They

Spell It With Style!

A wonderfully kind blog reader Brook , made this name sign for Sarah Kate's new room. I LOVE it! The girls were soooooo thrilled that we had gotten a package delivered to the door. The sign was beautifully wrapped. We opened it together and I ran to Sarah Kate's room and hung it up right then and there. I may try it in a different place, but I wanted something this cute up immediately! Brook was so sweet to work with. She has lots of fabrics to choose from. I hated to add a new pattern to the room, so Brook let me send her Sarah Kate's curtain fabric as the background. Check out her website! Brook has some really cute chalkboards she has done too! Thanks Brook, you made our day!


I have always LOVED music! When I was in the 2rd grade my uncle Baxter sent me a guitar for Christmas. I was so proud of that guitar. I thought I was really good at playing too. Haha! I got a nice (REAL) guitar my 11th grade year. In third grade I got a piano for Christmas from my parents. I began taking lessons and hated to practice. I believe I took piano lessons for 4 years. I guess I developed the ability to play by ear. I can pick out the tune of songs on the piano, but I have trouble adding the left hand chords to go with it. In the 6th grade I wanted a drum set so bad that I just hurt. In the 6th grade I got a snare drum and in the 7th grade I got a drum set. I also began playing trumpet in 6th grade band. Ha ha! That makes me laugh to think about me playing the trumpet. My friend Beth told me that she would give me any piece of furniture in her house if I would play a trumpet tune at our 20 year class reunion this Summer. I LOVE her furniture, but not that muc

Sweet Kids and Sweet Treats

On Friday morning I kept my friend Jaimi's children while she went to a meeting. They were good as could be. I have decided Emily plays better with boys than with girls. Humm..... Sweet baby Jordan. I love this picture. Jackson and Emily. He is just a precious child. I used to watch a show every afternoon on TLC called Take Home Chef. It featured chef Curtis Stone. I thought Curtis was WONDERFUL. One day at 3:00 p.m. I settled on the couch turned to Channel 48 and another show had taken it's place. Ohhhhhh....I was distraught. I realized over the next few days that the show was gone. It is probably a good thing, because Steve was a little concerned about my love for Curtis. haha! Curtis Stone actually cooked things that I would like to eat and I am VERY picky. One day on the show, he did a sweet called Chocolate pots de Cream. I wrote down the recipe and I make it quite frequently. Too much, in fact. I am the only family member that likes it. Oh well, more for

Red Rover Red Rover Let Neely Come Over

Neely came to play today. We love the child. Neely made a lion with her play-doh. She was so proud. Her lion did lots of growling. Neely is so sweet and good, but when I told her I was going to take a picture of her she became like a lion herself. She growled," I don't want my picture taken." As you see, I managed to get some. Sooooo proud of that lion! Emily made cookies.

Bek and the Bird's Nest

Waiting on a haircut. I did a post a couple of weeks ago about my fizzledust hair. I am oh so very thankful for a wonderful hair girl(that is what I call her) This is Bekah. She has done my hair for around eight years. I can never go to anyone but her. She knows the fizzledust better than I do. She knows how to make it look thicker. She cuts my hair dry. When you only have 40-60 strands of hair, it does not matter if you wet it or not. I wish Bek could come to my house and cut my hair once a week to keep it looking great! All Bekah has ever done to my hair is cut it. I have never colored my hair. She works at Freshair Salon in Fayetteville Ar. Bekah also cuts my girls hair. She is so good with them. They are usually pretty still and well behaved. During the cut. Back home with cute hair! I did not get Emily's hair cut today. She wants hers to be very long. She is always saying she want" Punzel Punzel hair." I plan to get it trimmed this Fall. This is the