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My Girls

I just could not resist taking this picture of Sarah Kate holding her doll and being glued to the t.v. Of course I also had to get a picture of Emily playing with her toys. So thankful for the blessing that these girls are!

Celebrating 100 Days

Emily celebrated her 100th day of school today! She dressed as a 100 year old woman. I think she looks pretty good for her age!

Baby Shower

On Saturday, I helped with a shower for my wonderful friend, Elizabeth. Her baby boy is due in about a month. I can't wait to see him and hold him! Here is Amber and Berkli. All moms to be: Julie, Elizabeth, Amber and Amy Stephanie, Rachel, Berkli and Mary Avery Kelly and me Mary Avery and Robin I just love our church! I am so thankful for my friends and all the little babies being born.

Party and a Find!

The girls went to Harper's birthday party on Saturday. They had a wonderful time! The adults had a wonderful time visiting! Thank you again for your help with my kitchen table. You have been so helpful to me! "Em," thank you so much for being honest about your disappointment in the finish. That was a big red flag. I bought a table today! Spur of the moment stop on my way to a hair appointment. Antique shop. Walked in the door and I saw "the one." I have NO chairs to go with it, but it was a deal!!!! I could not pass it up! Could not strap it to the top of my car......Haha! Have a friend that is going to pick it up in the next couple of days! Now....for the chairs.............................

The Kitchen Table

THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me with the kitchen table decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved reading all the comments. I have found sort of a compromise. I love it, but I don't want to mess up! I found this table ( in the pictures) that is wood on top that nearly matches our woodwork in the kitchen. It comes with 4 ivory chairs and one bench. (6 people) The wood color will keep the table from looking too washed out. It is VERY kid friendly with the table top finish. THOUGHTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE red furniture, but I don't want my kitchen table to be red. I would love it in someone else house, but I just think I would get tired of it. I am also not willing to change my curtains. Solid ivory would be too much blah. Plus the Paula Deen is too massive. It just would NOT work. I also do NOT want to do fabric seat. The glass on top sounds like trouble. is either black or what you see in the pictures. Thank you so much for taking the time to

Taking it to the Blog

I have a itch for something new. Three years ago we got this little kitchen table for a great Walmart low price. I think it is cute. It has been fine, but it is not very forgiving of a 3 and 6 year old who love to paint, color and seem to get more food on the floor and table than their mouths. When I clean the table, my rag or towel is black. I should have gotten glass put on top of it, but the glass cost more than the table. That is the truth. I am asking for your opinion. I found this Paula Deen Gathering table that I LOVE!!!!!!!!!! The problem? (It is not as white as it looks in this picture). It is a glazed antique white. It is the exact same color as all our molding and bead board. (PERFECT) BUT......everything I have in the kitchen is black or dark. I don't won't the table to look like a big bright marshmallow in the midst of a warm colored house. That is problem number 1. Problem number 2. This table is BIG, HUGE. We would buy it and then have to store the

Miracle Cream?

I will be forty very soon. I don't feel forty. I hope I don't look forty. That age sound so mature. I keep seeing in all the magazines about creams that make you look younger. I have never ever bought any. In fact, I never take my make-up off before I go to bed. I have never had any kind of face routine. I have always had real pronounced lines around my mouth. I just think it is the combination of fat cheeks combined with a big smile. I have always thought I had the mouth of a ventriloquist dummy. Anyway, I was in the store with a friend last week and I saw an Olay boxed set for half price. It had been $50. I got it. I told my friend that my skin was deteriorating around my chin. She burst into a laugh that could be heard all over the store. I have been using this kit over the weekend and I have two BIG zits on my face. I think my face is just best left alone.

Work to the Beat

I am so thankful for the wisdom and knowledge of friends! Emily struggles with focusing on her school work. I can't believe the skills that kindergarteners are working on these day!!!!!!! WOW! I know that some of the words she needs to know are words that I was doing in the first and second grades. I have a close teacher friend who suggested I get Emily a metronome to practice her sight words with. We tried it this afternoon. I think we have the answer. She did better on her sight words than she has EVER done!!!!!!! My friend said that it helps some children to focus on their work. Have you ever heard of such?

Glad I Wore my Coat

I have a tradition that I have done for the past fifteen years. Every New Year's day, I go to Barnes and Noble and buy one of their 50% off weekly planner calendars. When I was teaching, the principal always gave each teacher a gift card to Barnes and Noble for Christmas. I always got my calendar with the gift card. Although I don't get a gift card to Barnes and Noble every Christmas, I still need a calendar. I went out on Sunday late afternoon to get my calendar. I always get one with islands, New York or art. As we were walking out the door on Sunday morning for church Steve said, "Ya'll don't need coats. It's warm outside." Warm , my foot. As we drove past the bank, the time and temperature said 39 degrees. Steve never gets cold. I am always cold. He dropped us off at the door so that we would not freeze to death. I did NOTHING Sunday afternoon. I was truly having a day of rest. I laid on the bed and did some reading. For some reason, I th