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Always True

I am doing a Bible study right now called Always True by James McDonald.  I think it my most favorite Bible study EVER! Here are God's promises that we are studying: 1.  I will not fear; God is always with me. 2.  I will not doubt; God is always in control. 3.  I will not despair;  God is always good. 4.  I will not falter;  God is always watching. 5.  I will not fail;  God is always victorious. This study has brought so much comfort to me. My new life verse is: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

Three Thoughts

Sarah Kate had Western Day at School.  She has "lost her thinking" about clothes again.  She is back to only wanting dresses and skirts.  At least I got her in shorts and pants for two weeks.  That is progress! My FAVORITE Fall candle right now is Autumn from Bath and Body Works.  I also like most of the Yankee candle Fall scents.  Autumn Wreath and Farmer's Market are great!!!! A sparrow landed on my cart in walmart today as I was picking out some peaches.  I let out a loud sound that got the attention of two ladies.  I told them I was scared of birds.  I was a big girl and carried on with my shopping!   

Picking out Pumpkins

I am excited for Fall to get here.  I think it officially arrives Saturday!  I cleaned my house yesterday and figured the finishing touch would be some pretty, creamy pumpkins.  I burned my new Fall candles yesterday and I wanted the house to match the wonderful smell. I took the girls with me to pick out our pumkins.  I let them pick out their own mini pumpkin. Last Wednesday,  Kristen the cat got very very sick. I had some errands to run last Wednesday morning and when I got home I saw that Kristen had thrown up several time around the house.  I could not find her anywhere.  I finally discovered her in the corner of our closet in sick cat position.  She looked so funny.  Her eyes were dilated and she was breathing funny.  When I tried to pick her up, she groaned.  I was so sad and worried about her.  I took her to the vet.  I knew she was extremely sick when she did not resist getting in the carrier. I left her at the vet the rest of the day.  $250 later,,,,,,,they foun

Funny Sarah Kate

Sarah Kate has a funny little personality!  She does not even know she is funny, but she is.  She is friendly to everyone and really does not care what anyone thinks.  She does not let anyone walk over her!  She is a very happy little girl. We were eating lunch together yesterday at the table and we were talking about daddy deer hunting and how we eat the meat from the deer.  She said, "what does Daddy do with the deer's branches?"  I said," I don't know what you are talking about."  She replies, "yeah, you know those branches on the deer's head!" Ha!  That is her word for antlers. Then in the afternoon we stopped and met some friends at a restaurant for a snack.  The kids played in the playground.  I noticed a little boy in there causing trouble for the kids.  He was very rough and loud.  I looked over and saw Sarah Kate telling that boy something and I knew she was serious.  I told my friend that I better check on her because it looked se

French Silk Pie

I have not done a blog post lately for a number of reasons.  First,  I am still dealing with two cats.  Both stressed and one with a cone around her head.  Fun! I have also had writers block and add on top of that being super busy.  With everything starting back it is sometimes easy to let things slip.  The lazy days of Summer are over. I thought I would share a recipe of one of the best sweets I have EVER put in my mouth.  Unfortunately, I have put it in my mouth too many times.  I have made this recipe 3 times over the past month.  When you taste it, you will understand. I went to my friend, Rebecca's baby shower a few weeks ago.  One of the ladies there named, Rhonda made this recipe.  She had it served in little mousse glasses.  I could have eaten 7 or 8 of them, but I did not want people talking about me.  It has raw eggs in it.  (I know my mother will be very worried when she reads this, but I am perfectly fine!) French Silk Pie (I just serve it as mousse) Here it i

Wrestling Hissing Felines

Remember the title I posted a few weeks ago about the Cat that God Sent?  Well, I need to change that title. The girls have become TERRIFIED of Graycee!  Emily more so that Sarah Kate.  They are too scared to play in the back yard.  Graycee is not mean but playful.  The girls think she is going to eat them!  In fact, I told emily that I thought a neighbor might call the police because of her screaming. Graycee did great being outside at first but now her only goal in life is to get in our house.  She has gotten in a few times and runs right to Kristen had grabs her.  I have heard some terrible cat sounds that have kept my girls locked in their rooms, horrified.  Yesterday I had her spayed.  When I picked her up, I was greeted with some bits of news the vet had not told me......... 1.  Graycee must be indoors for 10-14 days. 2.  She must not run,jump or be around stairs. 3.  She must wear an e-collar or a cone around her neck for 10-14 days. I just WILTED.  Wilted. I al

Tooth Fairy Town

Emily lost tooth number 6 last night. Emily's most favorite activity is making fairy houses.  She started doing this before she even lost her first tooth.  She spends hours and hours working on these fairy houses.  She goes all out for these houses.  She puts food and water in them too.  For the last tooth, she made a road out of paper for the fairy to get from her door to her pillow. She worries about things like me or Steve stepping on the tooth fairy or Kristen getting her.  I thought we were good to go tonight and she called me back into her room and said she wanted to give the fairy some encouragement.  I asked her what she meant and she had me write this last note.