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Our Week of Play

Sarah Kate is showing her two little teeth here. I don't let SK go in Emily's room because it is not baby proof. E has lots of little toys. She had a very supervised visit the other day. She took a spill while exploring in the toy basket. It was so warm on Wednesday that we had lots of outdoor play. I don't know what they are looking at. Emily worked hard pulling her sister. Soooo hard, that she took at 3 hour nap. Some of you bloggers asked Kelly where I got Harper's monkey outfit. It came from Gymboree. I love that store. They have darling clothes. I try to find cute things and wait for them to go on sale. They have good deals. This is what my friend Kim gave Emily for her birthday. She loves it!

Jerry Jordan

Back in September I did a post that I called "A Hard Week." I mentioned about this wonderful, close family friend that was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Jerry went HOME to be with the Lord on Thursday, Feb 19th. A couple of weeks ago, I got really homesick. I had not been to see my parents since Thanksgiving. Although I had seen them several times since then, I just wanted to go home. I went home last Sunday and while I was there, Jerry took a turn for the worst. My mother kept telling me, "The Lord sent you here!" I agree. I needed to be there for my parents and Jerry's daughters and wife and mother. We all needed each other. We consider the Jordans to be our family. It has been a VERY difficult week. In our eyes and minds it seems that Jerry's life was cut short. It also does not seem fair. But, life is NOT fair. We are going to miss Jerry so very much. He was a wonderful man. I know everyone says things like that when someone dies, but J

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Emily and Sarah Kate. Today, Sarah Kate is 8 months old. She started crawling really well yesterday and she has two little teeth. Emily in MY boots. This is still her favorite activity. She tries on my shoes EVERY DAY!!!!!!! When I thought she was napping, she was playing school with her "kids." Notice each one has a book. She was sitting on her bed reading to them. She was saying, "okay, listen sweetie, you got you book, sweetie? I don't know where she got "sweetie " from. I don't say it. I am guessing her teacher says it.

Baby Showers and Blessings

This morning, I was listening to one of my favorite Travis Cottrell cds. It is a live recording and on the first song he starts it off by saying, "Let's Give the Lord some praise today!" I thought, "well AMEN!" I am praising him today for bringing Harper home! What a work the LORD has done. I am so thankful the Lord Jesus turned that situation around and MANY great things have come out of it. I had a baby shower at my house last night for a church friend, Robin, who is due in 4 weeks. We had a great turnout. I am so thankful for our church family. It is filled with people full of integrity. We are so blessed to have a growing Sunday school class. I am so thankful for the new friends I have met in the past few months. I have a friend who is 27 weeks pregnant with twins. She has already began having contractions. Join me in praying that she can wait a few more weeks to meet her girls. One more thing. I had to go and get a few things at some stores tod