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Baby Shower

Last Thursday night my Sunday School class gave me a shower. WOW! I got so many nice things. Sarah Kate is set on clothes for a while now. I was overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. Steve and I are so blessed to be a part of the church that we are. The picture of me was taken right before I left for the shower. I was 33 weeks pregnant. I went to the Dr. today. I got a good report. Everything seems to be right on track. feet and ankles are SOOOOOOOO swollen. The are so tight at night that I think they could pop! I took good notes at the Dr today. Sometimes I leave not knowing too much of what is going on. Today I left knowing my measurements, blood pressure, Sarah Kate's heart rate and all that kind of stuff. Sometimes you just have to ask. The Dr thinks she is going to be a little bigger than Emily was. Emily weighed 6lbs 6 oz. He is thinking Sarah Kate will be 7 something. But, it all depends on when she decides to arrive.

The Real World of a Princess

Emily had her Kay-K and Pop come visit from MS this weekend. We all had a wonderful time and Emily was spoiled with princess attire! She loves getting into my jewelry and shoes, so I hope this will hinder that a little. She now has her own stuff. And she is so proud. She was thinking she looked good and I might add, she did. Everyday I think I am going to get to report that Emily stayed in her big girl bed all night, but it just has not happened. She has had some good nights, but she still gets up several time while Steve and I are still up. And the sad news for me: She is getting up around 6:00 or 6:30 every morning. She just comes and stands by my bed. We bought her some princess sheets this weekend hoping it would keep her in the bed, but nope. This morning Emily and I played outside . She loves playing with bubbles. We came in for lunch and Emily insisted that I go outside and she stay in. She pulled me out and said, "I be right back Mama." I sat out

A Special Gift

One of my very best and lifelong friends, Kelly, sent me a belated Birthday gift today. She gave me the first one a couple of years ago and I have loved it so much. It is cute and easy to find in my purse. But, I had worn it out! It looked AEWFUL!!!!!!!!! Today I checked the mail and got this beautiful, fresh keycahin. I am so proud. Thank you Kelly! I LOVE it! Let me clarify: I have two Kellys. The one who sent me this lives in Little Rock and we have been friends since we were two. My other Kelly I met at Ouachita Baptist University.

Emily Facts

Over the weekend I got Emily some new shoes. She loves them! In fact, she slept in them Sat night. I had a Dr appt. today and my sweet neighbor kept Emily. The Dr gave me an antibiotic for this mess I have. I sure hope this is the last of the cold/sinus infections. Here are some Emily facts: 1. Everyday when she wakes up, she says,"Daddy at work." That is the very first thing she says. 2. She wants a spoon or fork for EVERYTHING she eats. She wanted a spoon tonight to eat chips. She put each chip on the spoon and ate them that way. 3. She LOVES to flush the toilet and she says,"I close the door, Mama." That is what she says as she reaches for the lever to flush. 4. The bath water must run the entire time she is in the tub. Turning off the water is a major tragedy to her. 5. She loves to put on a bow or perfume or my shoes and say, "I pretty Mama!" 6. She is constantly trying to get her babies to go night night and many times she will come

I'm Back

I have not blogged in a while. There are several reasons for this: 1. Steve got a new fandagled computer that has intimidated me with picture posting. 2. I have a had terrible cold that I STILL have and it goes from bad to worse and back again. 3. Emily is still not sleeping in her big girl bed. I am battling her for 2 hours or so in the afternoon to get her to take a nap. Now, she gets under the new dining room table so I can't get her. It makes me CRAZY! 4. Emily has been sick with an ear infection and sore throat with high fever. This has not helped the nighttime sleep patterns. So.....that is where I have been. But, I am still thankful. I have read so many blogs and heard so many prayer request at church of people going through terrible grief and pain. My struggles are nothing compared to that! I hope to post some pictures soon.