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While I was Away

I guess you could say this post is like looking at a stranger's photo album. I was away from my girls for 11 days when Daddy had his heart attack and surgery. I am very very thankful for the friends that took care of my girls while I was away. I can never repay Kelly E., Kelly S., Amber, Amanda and Tracy for taking such good care of my girls and giving them such a great time. Steve and I are so blessed to have wonderful parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve's Mom and Dad came and took care of the girls most of the time I was away. They did a fantastic job and gave the girls a very normal routine. I don't know what we would have done if they had not come? While looking through our pictures a couple of weeks ago, I found some pictures that my mother in law had taken during the time they were here. I got a kick out of seeing them! Sarah Kate had a dentist appointment that they took her to. The doctor found her cavity on this visit. They took the girls to dance. Sarah Kate got some

Scares and Scars

What I will NOT be ordering from Pottery Barn! These are about the scariest Halloween decorations I have ever seen. More Halloween scariness: MY STITCHED LIP. My sweet little girls!

Weekend Work-Out

I had planned to take the girls to visit my parents this weekend, but our plans fell through. I woke up Friday morning, with the beginnings of a cold. By late afternoon I felt horrible and was sneezing like crazy. My nose was so stopped up I was miserable. I KNEW with everything my Dad has been through he did not need me to bring him a cold. We just stayed home this weekend and I spent two days in the bed. We were so disappointed not to see my parents. Steve was Mr. Mom and he did a great job. I also got some sort of stomach bug during the night Saturday. I am not sure if it was a virus or an overdose on NyQuil and Cold-eese. I am thrilled to say I feel fine now! I walked into the living room Saturday and found the girls doing a work-out with Steve. They were doing P 90X. They were trying hard to keep up with their Daddy. I wish I could say I work out with them, but I would rather wear my pink robe and take pictures. I took the girls to see Dolphin Tale today. That is one

Taste Testers

My lip is looking better and better. I think it is bruised really bad. It is kinda purple and swollen. I feel I have to explain to anyone I talk to what the deal is. I was watching Dr Oz for a little bit this afternoon and he was making unhealthy food choices half-way healthy. He was making kids eat Rice Krispy treats made from puffed rice and half the sugar and that sort of thing. The children were acting like they were so delicious. HA! I remember a lady in my church, when I was a child, making Rice Krispy treats out of puffed rice and they were HORRIBLE. I could not eat them and I remember all the kids were talking about how gross they were. Have you ever noticed that when any talk show host or guest tastes food on a show that they act like it is REALLY REALLY good??????? No one ever says, "that was not too great" or "I have had better." I guess it would be very rude if they did say such a thing.

Goodbye Lipstick , Hello Vaseline!

This morning, I went to a dermatologist about the hemangioma on my bottom lip. It has been there for about eighteen months and it was slowly growing. It really grossed me out. The Dr. I saw was very very nice and informative. But, he was very soft spoken. I was worn out when I left from trying to hear what he was saying. He called the spot a venous lake. He also added that it had a tail. I did not want anything on my lip called a lake or that had a tail. He gave me a shot in my lip and then used a round scalpel to cut it out. He then put stitches in my lip. None of this hurt at all. I look like I have been in a fight and I can't use my beloved lipstick for a while. But, I am glad to have it off. I am thankful that it went well and that it was nothing serious. The dr told me this was from sun damage. This is one of the reasons I get spray tans!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for the spray!!!!! The sweet lady at the check-out desk talked softer than the doctor, if that is possible. I th

The First Visit from theTooth Fairy

Emily's tooth has been loose for over a week. This weekend it has just been hanging by a thread. Last night I pulled it. She was so happy and excited!!! She said, "Oh this is so good, I am a big girl now." She also said, "Oh mama, you pulled it so soft, thank you!" She had been afraid that it was going to hurt and that it would bleed real bad. It did not hurt and it did not bleed much at all! When I had tried to pull her tooth out earlier in the week, Sarah Kate would cry and say,"stop hurting my sister! Don't pull out her teeth." SK would get so upset and block me like a basketball player to keep me away from Emily. I pulled Emily's tooth upstairs and then we went down to tell Sarah Kate that Emily had lost her tooth. I took this picture as Emily was telling her the good news. SK was very happy for Emily. Sarah Kate was very happy until we started talking about the tooth fairy coming to our house. Please note: she is terrified of

Health on the Homefront

Sarah Kate went to the dentist yesterday to have a cavity filled. This will probably be the first of many. She can't stand toothpaste. I think I have bought every flavor available and she does not like any of them. The only one she will sometimes use is Tom's all natural. It is hard to find. She usually just brushes with water. Not good, I know! I did not know how she would act at the dentist, but she was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the model child. Every employee their bragged on how good she was. We love the dentist and the clinic we take her to. They have such a great way of explaining everything thing to children. SK was perfect the whole time until the second we stepped outside the office she started crying really hard and really loud saying, "they hurt my mouth!" "Oooooohhhhhh, they hurt me." She was saying this because her mouth felt numb and swollen. She cried for one hour until I ordered her some chicken and french fries from a drive t


Sarah Kate is obsessed with wearing dresses. She would wear a dress 365 days of the year if I would let her. I do not let her wear a dress everyday. She always says, " I want no legs, no holes." That is her way of saying no pants or shorts. When she is wearing pants, she says, " I am not beautiful, I am not gorgeous." She goes on and on and on about it. Last Fall and Winter, she only wanted to wear her monkey shirt. There was lots of tears and snot slinging when I did not let her wear the monkey shirt. I came home from dinner with a friend last night and Steve had her sleeping in the infamous monkey shirt. OH NO! I have not attempted to take it off this morning. I hope the love for the shirt is over! I always go in the girls rooms before I get in bed. I sometimes snap a picture of their sweet sleep. Now I have an obsession with Mr Clean GAIN! Have you smelled this?????? It smells so good. I am wondering if this could be used as a bubble bath for me.

Here and Now

Sarah Kate is having Fall pictures made at school today. She was upset about this dress because she said she did not ride a bus. She argued that this was for children that rode on a bus. Oh well, bus rider or not, I think the dress is cute! We have been boring lately and I am okay with that! Not too much going on with us lately. My Dad is doing pretty well. A Z-pack from the doctor has seemed to help his cough. He would be doing a lot better if it were not for his broken ankle. His mother, my Grandmama, broke both of her ankles in her later years. She did not break them at the same time but a few years apart. My Dad inherited her SKINNY ankles that seem to snap like twigs. Unfortunately, I did not get that trait. My ankles look mighty sturdy. I had a physical on Friday and got a great report. I had been wanting to do this for several years now. My Mom has heart and cholesterol troubles. I was curious to see how I was doing. I need to exercise more. Well, exercise. Not

Walking Ferrets and Bumpy Hair

Sunday afternoon, we made a last minute decision to go to Branson and make a trip to Silver Dollar City. The weather was perfect. In fact, it was my first time to go to SDC and not sweat or freeze. As we were driving through Branson we saw MANY interesting sights. You see all kinds of things in that town. I think that is why we love it so much. There is never a dull moment. We had our windows rolled down and I spotted a couple walking what looked like two tiny dogs. I quickly discovered that they each were walking a ferret on a leash. I have never seen that before. We all got a kick out of that. When we got to the hotel Emily drew me a picture, handed it over and said,"look, your walking a ferret!" I will save this picture forever. She always draws Steve small and says he is too big to fit on the page. She always draws me with "bumpy hair" as she calls it. Thank you again for praying for my Dad! He is doing fine. He has a TERRIBLE cough. Please pray t


This is Emily's "get up" for the day! Sarah Kate says the water is "melting" when it goes down the drain after a bath. When she is ready to get out she says, "melt the water." She also calls cupcakes "pupcakes"

Catching Up

Sarah Kate yesterday morning. A couple of weeks ago we went to out local fair. It was a really fun time! We met up the McCoy's. Friends always make things more fun! Emily with Sarah Grace. Lena with Sarah Kate Emily trying to hold a baby chick. She loved them, but was terrified of them. I think all her animals fears come from living with a mean and crazy cat. My friends, Kelly , Eric, Logan and Lauren were staying with me the weekend Daddy had his heart attack. I am so thankful they were there! The Lord works out all the details of our lives! I am back home and trying to sort through everything I need to catch up on. PLEASE continue to pray for my parents. Pray that they will get much needed sleep!!!!!!!!! Daddy needs to be walking around, but he has the added stress of a broken and sprained ankle. In a weird sort of way, we believe his broken ankle saved his life. He did not see a doctor when he broke it on that Tuesday morning. He did know realize it was