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Here and Now

Sarah Kate is having Fall pictures made at school today. She was upset about this dress because she said she did not ride a bus. She argued that this was for children that rode on a bus. Oh well, bus rider or not, I think the dress is cute!

We have been boring lately and I am okay with that! Not too much going on with us lately.

My Dad is doing pretty well. A Z-pack from the doctor has seemed to help his cough. He would be doing a lot better if it were not for his broken ankle. His mother, my Grandmama, broke both of her ankles in her later years. She did not break them at the same time but a few years apart. My Dad inherited her SKINNY ankles that seem to snap like twigs. Unfortunately, I did not get that trait. My ankles look mighty sturdy.

I had a physical on Friday and got a great report. I had been wanting to do this for several years now. My Mom has heart and cholesterol troubles. I was curious to see how I was doing. I need to exercise more. Well, exercise. Not more, because I don't do any now.


Melissa said…
so...before i started reading my first thought was HOW CUTE IS THAT DRESS?!?!?! so i had to laugh when i started reading about SK logic...and you know she does make sense...but guess what you are the you have all power...LOL

boring can be good!!
Nancy said…
Glad your health got a good report :)
I'm like you, I need to just exercise. I daydream about it a lot :)
Sarah Kate & Kenlee would get along famously!
Kimberley said…
i love the dress, and she looks super cute in it! glad you received a great report!!
Amy said…
I understand about the exercise. I recently had everything checked out too and found out that everything was A ok except my HDL was VERY low. :( I have a hard time being consistent with exercise.
Shelli said…
I say I need to exercise "more" too... even though I just mean exercise period...(It sounds better)! Haha! Glad that your daddy is doing better!
Tracy said…
The dress comment made me laugh. She is adorable!
Johanne said…
That is a very cute dress, bur or no bus, I am with you on that one Mama :) SK is so cute :)

sometimes it is nice to be boring, enjoy it before business comes back.

Glad to hear your Dad is doing well. Prayers and thoughts that he continues to get better.
Anonymous said…
Aww..I love the dress!!! How funny that she thought it was for children who ride busses. Kids never cease to amaze me :)

Glad your dad is doing well. I had to LOL at your sturdy ankles comment.
Sara Campbell said…
I know all your blog readers laugh when they read your blog, but I am certain I laugh harder. B/c I know IN REAL LIFE FOR MANY YEARS the girl that would say her ankles are sturdy. I love you!!!
Kandi said…
I CRACK UP every time I read one of your blog posts. Your ankles look mighty sturdy. That made my day, Laurie. Love that SK thought she should not wear that dress. I'd like to put all of our girls alone in a room with a candid camera and see what happens.
Tara G. said…
The dress is cute, but the little one wearing it is darling- what an imp!

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