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Baby Bliss

 This morning I got the wonderful priviledge to keep my friend Erin's baby.  I LOVE babies.  So does Sarah Kate.   Kate is five months old and she is such a sweet baby.  She got plenty of attention this morning, maybe too much!  I spotted Sarah Kate watching t.v. with my glasses on her head. One year ago today, a little gray cat showed up on our front porch.  The girls named her Graycee.  She was with us for seven weeks before she went to her forever family. TODAY.......ONE YEAR TO THE DAY, we have had a cat on our front porch most of the day.  Emily has been going crazy asking if we can keep it.  I CAN NOT take on another cat.  It is not here right now, thank goodness.  I think she may belong to a neighbor.  I sure hope she does!

When God's People Pray

One of my all time favorite Christian artists, Wayne Watson, wrote a song over twenty years ago called "When God's People Pray."  I fell in love with the song when I was a senior in highschool and I am often reminded of the song from time to time. When God's people pray and take the pains of earth to the doors of heaven When God's people pray there is hope retored there is sin forgiven And miracles you can't explain a way when God's people pray Last week, a wonderful, YOUNG lady in our Sunday School class was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Very soon after she out an email telling her diagnoses another email was sent from a from friend suggesting we meet at her house the night before her surgery and pray.  I LOVED this idea.  The whole day I kept singing the Wayne Watson song.  It was so neat to have a great turnout at our friend's house as we gathered around her in her living room and prayed for her, her family and the doctors. Do you have


 I have wanted the girls to have a kitten that they could love and play with.  Kristen will not have anything to do with the girls.  Emily has prayed and prayed to have a kitten to love.  I think we got one! Emily yelled for me to come see "something cute!"  I found Frisco pinned down in a doll highchair eating Kitten Chow.  I feel like Sarah Kate is SOOOO rough with him, but he seems okay with it.  He purrs during it all.  I always thought purring was a sign of a happy cat.  Although SK nearly squeezes him to death and he closes his eye he still purrs. I read a couple of weeks ago on the internet that cats often purr as they are dying or are in great pain.  This explains a lot!!!!!

Thank you Lord for Friends and Family

This weekend we traveled to Memphis to visit friends and family.  Most every Summer I get to spend time with two of my best college friends.  Kim and Sara.  Sara and I were college roommates for a year.  It was a super fun year!  I love these girls so much.  I should have taken notes on all the deep, wise and funny things these girls said.  We enjoyed a good steak dinner and then shopping.  Saturday we went to a family reunion in Mississippi.  We were happy to see Steve's brother, Justin and his family. Reid loved playing with my girls.  They had the best time together! After the reunion, we went to visit Granny.  This is Pop's mother.  She raised 8 wonderful children.  We always enjoy going to visit Granny! My beautiful niece, Meg.

Sarah Kate's Haircut

I have always liked a good before and after.  SK got her hair cut this week.  It had been a long time and her hair needed it- big time!  Bek is wonderful!!!!!!!  She has done my hair for about eleven years and I don't know what I would do without her!  My girls LOVE her too!

The Blessing of Friends

Saturday afternoon brought the blessing of wonderful friends.  SO happpy to have Kathy, Kelly, Logan and Lauren spend Saturday afternoon with us.  They are like family to us!   Kelly and I have been friends since we were two.  I love this girl!   We passed Frisco around like he was a human newborn baby.  Everyone got their turn to hold him. Notice the shirt he is wearing.  It used to be on the girl's Elmo doll.  They have proudly named the new kitten Frisco Elmo.

Happy 4th of July!

We had a really good and relaxing 4th of July!!!!  Steve took the girls to swimming lessons and I did some house straightening while they were away.  I made a fruit pizza to take to Kelly and Scott's house.  Steve grilled some bacon wrapped deer steak to have as an appetizer for our hamburgers.  We had a great time with our friends and family!!! I am so thankful to live as a free American!!!!!  I am very thankful for the people that have fought for our freedom!

Lazy Days

I have not blogged lately.  No real reason except we have just been lazy and boring the past few days.  I am not complaining...just saying. The girls have been taking swimming lessons.  They have loved it.  My girls seem to struggle with swimming.  Emily does pretty good, but little sister seems to struggle.  They must have missed the swimming gene.  We are thankful for a great teacher and I am hoping it will click with SK soon. We had a photographer friend take the girls pictures Monday.  They wore these dresses.  I am so excited to get the pictures back.  I LOVE the few I have seen in a sneak peek.