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Young Razorback Fan

I found Sarah Kate cheering for the Razorbacks the other day!

Matching Sisters

We are so blessed to have a wonderful church nursery. Emily has had a favorite nursery worker since she was 3 or 4 months old. Her name is Sammy. She is the only one who has been able to calm Emily when she cries. Sammy spoils Emily and has always called her "my girl." She gave Emily and SK these outfits recently. I have waited for the day they could wear them. Just had to share this picture!

Sarah Kate and Emily

I love this little dress that Sarah Kate is wearing today. One of my best friends, Beth, sent this to me many months ago after we found out we were having a girl. Beth is always so sweet to send me little gifts. Beth is a great friend and prayer warrior. Steve even commented how cute this dress was-I think he was just glad to see some blue! Emily is so in love with her baby sister! She tells everyone that she has a baby sister. Emily just beams when she is around her. Sarah Kate likes her too. She started smiling last week and she loves to smile at Emily. Friends from church gave us this WONDERFUL book case. Emily's Pop hung it up for her. When Emily saw it she said, OH NO, MY BOOKS!" I think she thought her books had been pinned to the wall. Sarah Kate at 5 weeks.

God Meets Our Needs

Our church and neighborhood have been so good to us! Steve's parents left on Thursday morning after helping me out for about a week. I was so thankful to have them here. I knew I could make it with two babies, but God has not made the load too heavy. Thursday afternoon my precious friend, June, called and wanted to know if Emily would like to come play with her little girl. This was a blessing because I needed to write some thank you notes. Then on Friday afternoon another friend invited Emily over to swim and play. Again, I was able to get some much needed things done. I have another friend who is taking Emily to VBS with her and her son. See what I mean? God sends people to help us out! I love this dress that I got at a shower. But, IT IS SO TIGHT ON HER! Bless her heart! Sometimes looking good can be very uncomfortable. Here is a must have for a newborn- "Swaddle Me" blanket. A neighbor gave me this one last week to borrow. I LOVE it! Steve calls it

This Week at Our House

One of my best and lifelong friends, Kelly, came to see me this week. We had a great visit and I loved introducing Sarah Kate to her. Kelly is so good with babies. Here is Emily doing her ballet. She loves to sing and dance. Today Sarah Kate got dressed up for a little outing to a friends house. I love her tiny shoes. I have a picture very similar to this one that was made when Emily was the same age. Emily was skinny, Sarah Kate is a "filled out" baby. We have been so blessed to have our Sunday School and our neighborhood do meals for us. They have been soooooooooooooo good! Steve and I are going to have another baby just so we can get the nice meals. It has been so nice not to have to worry about cooking.

Art, 4th, and Answered Prayer

Emily was two and a half last week . This picture shows her artistic skill of a girl with a bow. I am pretty impressed! I taught elementary art for twelve years before staying at home with Emily. I started loving art when I was about three. I loved to draw the characters on Sesame Street. Happy 4th of July! Sarah Kate is wearing her new red, white and blue sleeper. Steve's brother and his wife are here this weekend visiting us. We have had a good time. Emily is getting very spoiled by Uncle Justin and Aunt Cissy! Last night Sarah Kate had her first official outing. We ate at Chili's and she did good until my last bite and she woke up screaming. The Lord has answered our prayers. My best friend, Kelly, is having a BABY! We have prayed for them for many months. When I was pregnant, I would usually wake up around 2:00 a.m. and stay awake till 5:oo am. I would always use some of that time to pray that Kelly would get pregnant. This is such a blessing. Kelly and Scot