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Happy Birthday, Emily!

 It is hard to believe that Emily turned 9 today!!!!!!!!!  Over the weekend, she had strep throat.  I so wanted her to be feeling better by today.  She has had a great day.  We went out to eat lunch and dinner and made a little time for Build a Bear, Claire's and Justice. We are so very thankful for these past nine years with Emily.  She is such a sweet and caring girl!

Better than my Robe

 For those that know me well, they know that I LOVE my robe.  I got a pink one right after we got married and Steve hated it!  In order to save my marriage, I stopped wearing the pink robe.  I think I will always hang on to it, though.  Two years ago, I got the ultimate soft robe at Pottery Barn outlet.  I love it so much.  I wear it year round. A couple of weeks ago I saw this brown throw in a store.  I didn't get it, but I thought about it all the time, and decided to go back a week later and get it.  They had ONE left.  The sales lady told me that it was fox fur.  I said, "Fox fur?"  I read the display tag and it said,  "FAUX FUR THROWS."  HA!!!!  I was laughing to myself.  I am so proud of this throw.  It is SOOOOOO soft.  I call it my fox fur.  Sarah Kate likes it too and Kristen the cat. I think it is better then the robe!

Santa Was Wearing What?

I took the girls to talk to Santa yesterday.  I don't understand what Santa was wearing, but it was kinda of neat.  He was wearing striped socks and black Birkenstocks and a shirt with puppies on it.  Oh Well..... The girls loved him.  He gave them a big HO HO HO as they left. We then went to get some serve yourself yogurt.  I was too busy serving myself to pay attention to SK.  When she put her yogurt on the scale, it was $10 dollars!!!!!  I nearly choked!  She ate every bite of it!  It was a TON of M&Ms and a little Chocolate yogurt. Merry Christmas! 


 I heard a saying recently that I loved!  Thanksgiving should be Thanksliving!  SO true!  I am so thankful for the people in these pictures made on Thanksgiving day and the day after.  My parents, Mary and Russell  The hair salon train!  Cousins!  My cousin, Elaine  Elaine's daughter, Kendall and Emily.  They have fun playing together.  My mom and her two brothers and niece.  Uncle Tommy and his children  My uncle John loves cats! Some of my favorites friends! So much to be thankful for!