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A Load Lifted

A load has been lifted.  That is how I feel.  I had a garage sale this morning that lead me to do a lot of cleaning out of closets and rooms.  We can walk in our bedroom closet now!  It is so organized and neat and it makes me soooo happy!!!!  I hate living in a bunch of junk and clutter, but I feel that we do so often.  I feel like our house has lost about 200 lbs of just old stuff.   It feels good!  I finally broke down and sold our pack-n-play and high chair. The girls spent a many of hour in those two items.  But now, they were just taking up space.
I kinda get my feeling hurt when some of my stuff does not sell.  Makes me feel like folks think my stuff is ugly.

Our birds left the nest this week.  I can't believe this, but I miss them!

I hope you have a great weekend!
Has anyone seen the new movie called "October Baby?"  I hope to see it soon.


DeeDee said…
your stuff isn't ugly...they just don't have good taste!! :) It is such an awesome feeling to have more space and everything cleaned out. I love doing that!
Hope said…
Gotta love a good cleanse. October Baby is a wonderful movie, with a great message, carry your tissues and be sure to stay for the credits!
A.K.W. said…
I'm clearing out my closet now too but my old stuff will be going to a 2nd hand store, the money goes to Mission projects like the Haiti earthquake, etc.

I recently saw October Baby. Has a mother of two adopted girls I really wanted to see it. There were a couple of things I wasn't thrilled about but it still had a good message. Bring tissue!
Nancy said…
Love that you had a good sale! I get mad when people try to give me way less than I'm asking!!
A good clean closet will do wonders for us girls! Maybe reading this will inspire me to do that to ours!!
Karen said…
I know what you mean! We have a big community yard sale coming up and I am going through our house like crazy. Plus daughter #2 moved out last weekend and I cannot believe we packed up a 14ft truck ~ wow was that a load lifted! I never get offended about people not wanting my stuff. Have a great weekend!
Maryellen said…
I agree - it always feels great to simplify -

I saw October Baby a fews weeks ago. It was really good. Wonderful message. I agree with Hope tissues are needed.
Natasha said…
We are moving across the country and have gotten rid of so much stuff lately. It is hard to do but I do like having less stuff around.
Tara G. said…
Re: your title- isn't that the truth?! We just got our new assignment and now a date to return to the States, so I went through my dresser this morning and purged so I can take it out to a village when go today. We're selling some things, too. I plan on having the packers put a box together that will have everything I plan on selling when we get home so it's already pre-sorted.
Melissa said…
oh Laurie...i will remind you someday of this post and you missing the birds...HA

yard sales...oh they make me crazy..,not going to them, but having much work and then people want to say oh no, i don't want to pay 50 cents for this how about a dime...YIKES FOLKS!

anyway...i too get my feelings hurt if something i loved so much doesn't sell. ames you feel good and someone else feel wonderful!

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