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My Funny Valentine's Day

Since I was single for many years, I often dreamed about Valentine's Day with my husband. I thought about dressing up real cute and going to a romantic dinner and writing mushy cards and eating and sitting at the table for hours talking. I had it really built up in my mind. And, I must say, since I met Steve we have had several of those Valentine's Days. I just thought they would always be that way. Well........the sick house continues on! Emily had a terrible night on Wed. night. She didn't sleep and when she was alseep she was whimpering. This is the typical pattern when she has an ear infection. So....Valentine's morning I took her temperature and it was 102. I was hoping I had read the ear thermometer wrong or that is was just messed up. I was thinking, "Don't be sick, this is Valentine's Day!" But, I knew Emily was really sick. I had a busy day ahead because I was giving art lessons and then taking Emily to one of her friend's party at Chuck E Cheese. I knew our outing of the day would be the Dr's office. So I made all the phone calls cancelling my plans for the day and got E an appt for the Dr. She had a new illness for her: STREP throat. She had high fever the whole day and that caused her to be really really fussy. I was not able to do a thing. So, I was not dressed cute and my house looked terrible and I had not written in Steve's card. The best part of the day was when Steve made shrimp bisque for me. It was wonderful. Emily would not eat a thing and so I sat on the couch with her. She did not want me out of her sight. At about 8:00 Emily was in the bed with us and she was so hot. I took her temp. and it was 103.5. I gave her some Motrin, juice and stripped her down completely. Soon after, the Motrin kicked in and she wanted to go in the kitchen. While she was in there, she squated down on the rug and tee-teed all over it. I just acted like this was perfectly normal because I want her to have a good attitude about potty training. I didn't want her to feel bad in any way about this. She ended up sleeping with us and continued with really high fever and restlessness. So, that was our Valentine's Day! I had planned to dress her in some cute red clothes and make pictures, but this just didn't happen. Emily is much better now. She just seems to get sick on all the holidays.

After Kelly's comment, I need to say something else. Amen Kelly! You are so right. I am thankful for all I have. We are blessed! Valentine's was not the dream day, but I wouldn't trade my two loves and the one on the way.


Kelly said…
OH MY WORD - I didn't know she has peed in the kitchen! You are a sweet mom because I think I would have freaked out! :-)
I'm sorry Valentines wasn't the one of your dreams - but count your blessings- you have a great husband (one who will cook for you), a precious daughter and another on the way. Not bad! :-)
Leigh Ann said…
I'm so sorry Emily was sick. I don't think there is anything worse than a sick baby. It's just terrible. We have had strep a couple of times at our house and it really makes them feel bad. I'm so glad she is feeling better. And, how about that shrimp dinner?! Sounds like a yummy Valentine's meal to me! I'm impressed he can cook that!
His Doorkeeper said…
So sorry Emily has been so sick! It's all a part of being a mother and experiencing how life just doesn't always pan out the way we dream it will! However, you will look back when your kids are grown and remember how they needed you so much in those times and how you were always there for them. You are a wonderful mother, Laurie! And a husband who cooks for you.....woo are doubly blessed!!
The Garners said…
I hope everyone is healthy there soon! I'm sorry about your Valentine's change-of-plans. It seems like plans change a lot with kids. I feel like I constantly give the disclaimer, "I'll be there if no one wakes up sick that day", etc.! Maybe y'all can have a romantic night out really soon--it will be less crowded then anyway! :)
Kelly said…
We'll babysit soon so you can have a date! :-)
Hillary said…
She peed in the kitchen? Ha! I know that's not funny but it is! I hate that she's been so sick! When she gets better you can go on a date!
Shannon said…
I hope Emily is feeling better now! It sounds like you had a memorable Valentine's Day, even though it wasn't ideal!

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