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What a Weekend

This weekend one of my best college friends, Kim , came to visit. We had several mishaps during the visit. First, Let me say that I am always on edge when the door opens at our house because Kristen the cat wants to escape our home. She is always looking for an open door to run free. Kim got up early Friday morning and I was taking advantage of a few extra minutes to sleep since my girls were sleeping a little later than usual. As I lay in bed, I heard the alarm go "beep. beep.... beep" I knew Kim had gone out to her car. I jumped up thinking, "where is Kristen?" I got my robe and glasses on and went to see where Kristen was. No Kristen to be found. I saw that the door to the garage was open and the garage door was open. I grabbed the Pounce treats and started rattling them and calling for the crazy cat. (I do this often!) She was gone. I asked Kim if she had noticed Kristen and she said she had not seen her. Kim has a little foster child right now and she realized that the little girl and followed her outside and did not close the door behind her. I was sooooooo sad. I knew that Kristen ALWAYS came when she heard the Pounce. It is like cat's candy. I looked EVERYWHERE in our house and she was not to be found. Kim began walking the neighborhood and I sent out an email to the neighborhood. I did'nt cry. I just kept thinking, this is not the worst thing in the world. Kristen IS crazy and a lot of trouble. I knew we would all be better off. But I was still sad. I didn't want Kim to feel bad, cause it was just one of those things. She didn't mean any harm at all. I locked the girls inside and joined Kim on a neighborhood search. Kim called her mom and asked her to pray. After about 30 minutes, I told Kim that we were just going to go in and go on with our day and I would be just fine. We walked in and there on the living room floor was Kristen. I didn't know whether to hug her or hit her. But, I have never been so glad to see her.

After we had recovered from the Kristen scare, we went to Hobby Lobby. While we were there the tornado sirens went off and I got locked in Hobby Lobby with Sarah Kate. Kim was outside in the car coming to pick me and SK up. She had Emily and her foster child. Hobby Lobby took the weather VERY seriously. They made an announcement that no one could leave the store because it was a safety issue. Rotation had been spotted a mile from where we were. I begged one of the workers to take Sarah Kate and let me run out and get Kim and the girls. She let me. Of course I didn't have my cell phone with me and I didn't know Kim's number. I was running in slippery flip flops and pouring rain with carts flying through the parking lot. Two things I don't do well with: Running fast and getting my hair messed up. It was 80 mph wind. When I came back in the store I didn't see Sarah Kate. I yelled, "where's my baby?" They told me that they had taken her to the conference room and that was where everyone was. We sat in a room of nice strangers waiting for the storm to pass. I looked at those people wondering if I might die with this group. It was VERY scary!!!!!!!!! Emily was saying, "I tell Jesus, NO NO Storm!" I tell Jesus that." Hey....not a bad place to be........locked in Hobby Lobby.

Kim and I had a great weekend despite all that. Kim can make anything fun!

The new room. I hesitated to post these pictures because the room looks so orange in pictures. I promise it is NOT this bright and orange in real life. It is the camera flash.

Here are my new curtains up in the kitchen.

One year ago tonight I went into labor with Sarah Kate. I will do her Birthday post tomorrow.


The Garners said…
The new room looks GREAT!

Loved the cat and Hobby Lobby stories--what a weekend indeed!! :)
That sounds like one of my weekends. I'm glad Kristen came back.
Kelly said…
I can't believe I don't talk to you for one day and all this happened.
I promise I would have been sad for you over Kristen.
This time last year Steve called and was stressed out! ha!
Sara Campbell said…
Laurie, how could I live in this universe without you?! Good stories!!! Only would happen to you. I can see the flip flop run like it is right here!
Andrea said…
HA HA! Aren't cats a pain. I love mine too the little punks. I like the orange room, is looks really warm and inviting. And I can also sympathize with your tornado story. I live in Houston, and work as a private voice teacher on campus for our local school district, and one time while school was letting out they locked all of us with the kids inside and left those poor parents sitting outside in a foot of water and high winds and hail. Luckily there was no tornado, but being that I had only lived in Texas for 3 years and I am from Los Angeles, I was REALLY nervous!
Crystal said…
The room looks great and I love the new curtains!

I can relate to getting stuck in Hobby Lobby, except I was stuck in a gas station. We were on our way back to NC from Fl, we stopped to get gas and apparently there was a tornado spotted and they wouldn't let any of us leave. The had us and a bunch of strangers in the bathroom. Needless to say I was not happy, I would have rather been stuck in Hob Lob!
Kandi West said…
I LOVE the paint...I have that bedspread on my bed and now I'm sad that I didn't do a similar color in our new house. Oh well! Love the curtains, too.
I love hearing about your life! Sorry I missed seeing you Friday.
Robin said…
I must have left Hobby Lobby right before they locked everyone in. I kinda wish I had stayed longer b/c I drove through it and it was so scary!!! Funny running into you twice on Friday!!
Mary Avery said…
Funny weekend recap! I LOVE the new room. It looks very different and very pretty! I can't wait to see it. Happy Birthday Sarah Kate
Jenna said…
Bless your heart! Glad everything worked out - and SO glad you, Kim, the girls, AND Kristen ALL lived to see another day!
Christy Wallace said…

I laughed so hard at the image of you running through tornado weather in flip-flops messing up your hair that I HAD to register a blog user name, etc. JUST so I could comment! Did you mess up your lipstick too?? Glad y'all made it through safely. You are a hoot!!
Kim said…
I must admit I was nearly in tears while reading the Kristen saga! I'm so happy she was safe! Besides yourself, I know I'm the only other human who loves her...I'm happy she is still alive!
Your Hobby Lobby story cracked me up! The first thing I thought of was your hair in that rain....I know you hate for your hair to be messed up! :) I'm happy you all were safe!
Let's get together soon!

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