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I love lipstick! I NEVER leave the house without it!
People who have spent a lot of time around me in the last 15 years or so always ask me a similar question. They ask, "how do you get your lipstick to stay on all day long?" I tell them what I do and they always act interested, or maybe they just don't want to hurt my feelings.
Just thought I would share my secret with you on here and maybe it will help. Or, maybe everyone does this.
This is my secret to keeping my lipstick on all day long. I put it on in the morning and don't apply it again during the day.

I put foundation on first.(of course) I put a little bit of concealer on my lips.

Then I put powder all over my face with a lot on my lips. (Bare Minerals)

Then I use Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus. One end is a liner and the other is lipstick. I put liner over my entire lips. I don't just line them. Then I put a light layer of lipstick over them. My favorite colors are Coral Rust and Carnation Pink.

To finish off, I use powder on my lips again. This sets it.

I had Kelly take a bunch of pictures of my lips this morning. We laughed and laughed because I was trying not to smile. I couldn't do it! When I looked at the pictures on the computer I looked like Raggedy Ann. Too much blush! I had also put on a LOT of lipstick for this post and I over did it. Oh well. Did not want to give anyone a scare.

I LOVE the look and feel of lip gloss, but it always makes my lipstick bleed. Have you found a lip gloss that you like a lot? Let me know!


Sloan said…
I use Aquaphor and I love it!! This isn't really a lip gloss, per say, but it does make my lips a little shiny and SO SOFT. So maybe that could work b/c it's not actually lip gloss but it kinda gives the same look.
Bethany said…
MAC Lip Glass - fabulous stuff! And I worked at Merle Norman in college! Their lip pencil plus is a wonderful thing :) I love Coral Rust and Sugar Plum :)
Megan said…
I use Clinique long last gloss in sunset and I love it!! I put my lipstick on in the morning and just reapply this through out the day.
123 said…
I use Mary Kay makeup and love it! I too line my lips all over not just on the outside. It definitely helps keep lipstick on all day! :)
Tara G. said…
When I wear lipstick, I put foundation on first, too, and outline with a pencil. I had a great Mary Kay color and they discontinued it (boo!). mouthpi
Lauren said…
LOVE Merle Norman ... try the Vinyl Lipcolor there. It is similar to lip gloss but has more depth to it!
Mary Kay is my favorite too. I used it so much that I now sell it. Merle Normal is my 2nd fav :)
Jess :) said…
Too cute!! LOVE being let in on your lipstick secrets!! :) I'm not a lipstick girl, but I do wear Bare Minerals Buxom lipcolor/gloss!!!!!!!! It's AMAZING!!! :) Have you tried that yet?
Audrey said…
Similar to aquaphor, but I've found it actually works better. Lansinoh...never thought about it, but I did once after admiring a friend's alway shiny lips...and it WORKS! You can eat, drink, brush your teeth, EVERYTHING and it stays on!
Christa said…
I'm also a lipstick fan! I always put foundation/powder on my lips too!
KatieB. said…
My mom used to keep lipstick by the front door and never answered it without touching up her lipstick. I LOVE it! It's a Southern thing ;)
Kimberley said…
i've heard of the 'ol powder on the lips trick. a picture of the step by step process would've been soo funny! but in a good way! :)
Sara Campbell said…
Ok, this is what I do too!!! Lipliner is key. I don't put it on all my lips, but I do use more than just the edges. A friend recently asked me how to keep it on, I described it and she said, "Oh ok, so you do it like the Mexicans?" ha ha ha. I laughed my head off. Maybe they use darker liner than lipstick? I do. Re: panther...I read a book to my Pre K kids and one animal was a black panther. I had them all pick their favorite. I told them mine was the panther and then I almost...almost...did my panther scream, but I was afraid one of them would wet their pants.
Lauren said…
You SO should have shared the pictures!!!!! :) Haha! My Mom LOVES Merle Norman lipstick!!!
Jennifer said…
I have that same Merle Norman lipstick! It is great! I have never known how to make my lipstick stay on all day! This is awesome! Lately I have been sticking with just Burts Bees because I get frustrated that as soon as I drink or eat something the lipstick is gone! SO frustrating! Thanks so much for sharing! I am also planning to post about make-up today! Ha! It's one of those days where we need to share our tips! :)
Thanks for the tips! You reminded me that I MUST wear lipstick every lips are the same color as my skin if I don't! My Mama always said--don't leave the house without lipstick on! ha!
Heather said…
I love using the Merle Norman lip pencil!! it's my favorite!!
Sarah Sharp said…
I use that same stuff. LOVE Merle Norman!!
Green Girl said…
Is it bad that I have never heard of Merle Norman?? Haha...For my face I use Bare Minerals (any tips on how it can be less messy??!) and my lips I am Chanel ALLLLL the way...I use lipliner (Nude I believe) and then gloss (Whisper, although it has been discontinued and I forget the new name for my lipgloss).
Shayla said…
I can't wait to try your lip tips, Laurie! My New Year's resolution was to wear lipstick on a more regular basis. :)

I'm a big fan of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (especially the caramel shade) because it's 100% natural and has a minty taste and refreshing, tingling sensation when you apply it. I keep a stick in my makeup bag, purse, car, and desk drawer at work!
Jill said…
I love this post. I was laughing literally... My girlfriends make fun of me because I can put lip liner, lipstick and gloss on without a mirror because I am glued to my lip liner. Right after delivery with my girls, my husband just handed over the lip liner, he knew I would want it. ha... and the nurse even got a picture of my applying it in the delivery room. It was RIGHT after she came out...ha...the crazy things we do in life... (by the way, i will have to try your method because i am always reapplying even if i don't need to) and i use the marykay lipliner and stick.
Kim said…
Just the thought of you and Kelly taking pics of your lips cracks me up!! That is funny!! I love love love lip gloss!! I'm not too picky about lipstick...maybe because I can't find anything that stays on for every long. Maybe I'll try your tricks!
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