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Baby Bunny

One of Emily's school friends brought two baby bunnies to school on Monday for show and tell. Guess what Emily is wanting????????
When she got home from school on Monday, she got the cat carrier down. She got several little carrots out of the fridge and she filled a bowl with water. Then she said, "let's go get a bunny."
I am thinking NO on the idea. I just don't like the idea of having to take care of a bunny. I am also afraid Kristen the cat might kill it.
Ever had a pet bunny?????

This morning I put some clothing items in the Rhea Lana consignment sale. This was my first time to do this. I got all sentimental and had to bring home a few of the items I had already registered. I just could NOT get rid of them yet.

And...for those who know me well, I took the girls to school and went to Rhea Lana without taking a shower. I wore a ball cap and the make-up still left on from yesterday. I know many of you will be proud of me for that.
Everyone gives me a hard time because I get up early and take a shower and get completely ready before taking the girls to school.


Amanda said…
Hi! I've not had a pet bunny, but some of my friends have. They're really messy and they stink if you aren't super careful. I don't know how that will affect your decision, but good luck :)
The Kufahls & Hesters have bunnies to give away . . .
Vonda said…
My sister and I had a few bunnies one year, because one of our neighbors on the farm had a litter whose mother died. So Val and I bottle fed these bunnies. It did not end well. They stink, bite, and were all around mean. Needless to say, I am not a big fan. Good luck.
Charity said…
ack ack ack ack ack!! if you get a pet bunny you're going to have to put a disclaimer on the top of your blog posts about it so i will know not to read it!!!
Erin said…
I'm working on my Rhea Lana stuff right now. This is my first time to consign. So far it has been pretty easy. I hope the check in process is short and sweet, too.

You always look like a million dollars everytime I see you. I'm sure you still look great this morning too. Glad to know you've stepped over to the none showered, greasy hair, left over make side :) At least for one morning!!
Alisha Harris said…
Just wanted to say the easter pictures of the girls on Kellys blog are ADORABLE!! They are sooo beautiful!!
Nancy said…
I do the same way - I get emotional about things I sell on Ebay & after I ship them, I beat myself up about it. Isn't that ridiculous?
Bunnies are smelly & can be a pain to deal with, but they are SOOO CUTE!
Amy said…
bunny??? shhooooooooo-weeeeeeeee!
stuffed is the way to go! :)
i agree with another commenter - the girls' pictures on kelly's blog are ADORABLE!
Abbey said…
My neighbor had a pet bunny and didn't realize it was a male. He sprayed all over the wall that was closest to his cage. Needless to say Mr. Pickles found a new home shortly after that incident.
pamk said…
You know the old story about "the dog ate my homework"? One of my students once came with the story that the rabbit ate her homework! And you could indeed see how he had nibbled away at it and ate almost half of the page! No rabbits would be allowed in my house, no matter how cute they are!!
Mary Ella said…
I did the consignment for the first time. I kept WAY too much in the attic but was able to let some items go. But maybe in time I will let go of some more.
I have never had a bunny but think they are cute from a distance. If you get one I would love to look at yours!!! Emily seems to have such a BIG heart which shows what great parents she has. She has so much love for animals and seems to just want to take care of everything. That shows the love ya'll give her and the compassion for others. I think it says a lot about your parenting, I love it! I know that God is super proud of you and all that you are teaching your children, especially about caring for his creations!
Kelly said…
Good for you for getting ready early! I know it's so nice to be dressed and ready for whatever the day holds!
Tara G. said…
I get up at 5:30 to exercise, shower and do a little Bible reading before I let the kids get out of bed (7:30), so I don't think you're weird in the least!

As for bunnies, I'd go for the stuffed variety...
Danae said…
I am surprised by everyone who says "no way" to bunnies. I had a bunny when I was in elementary school, and then a few years after she died a got another one. My bunnies never stunk or were messy, but I always cleaned the cage and gave them baths. I loved them both to pieces. However, my second one got killed by our dog and I have no idea about what cats would do. Have fun deciding!
Tracy said…
I get completely ready to take my kids too. I also shower & fix my hair before going to the gym. Lol! You're not alone. :)
Love your blog. Came over from Kelly's. Your pot roast has become a family favorite at our house.
Muffy said…
hahaha I love that she got everything ready for the bunny! I bet she would be a responsible pet owner. :)
Liz said…
Save the bunnies for the petting zoo. They are yucky. We had one once growing up and it peed all over the wall. As we were carrying it in its cage to get rid of it it peed all down our staircase. GROSS. They are cute but messy. Beware! Also, loved your post a while back about candles. I love all kinds of candles too!
Maria said…
Say NO to the bunnies! They give you nothing in return.
Hi, I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and this is my first comment...hello!

Last Easter the Easter bunny dropped off one of her babies for my daughter. She was thrilled and named her "Flowers".

Prior to adopting "Flowers" we contacted a friend who was great at building things. He constructed us an outside cage standing 4.5 feet tall and about 4 feet by 4 feet wide. The cage is complete with a loft bedroom for "Flowers" that we fill with cedar chips. We also have a small wire material on the sides and bottom, small enough so that Flowers can walk, but large enough that the poop can fall out! We rake out the poop from underneath the cage every couple of days.

This is a really easy pet, we just feed her once a day, make sure that she has adequate water and we let her out as well. We have a leash that we purchased at a pet store that she occasionally wears and wanders around the yard in, but mostly we just let her out and allow her to hop around.

The only downfall about rabbits is, is that you have to be really careful about their back claws when you are holding them, their back claws are razor sharp! I have been told that you can file them down, but we haven't been brave enough to attempt it!

Good luck in making the right decision for your family!

P.S. I couldn't imagine having a rabbit inside your home, they just poop way too much, if you decide to get one, try to keep it outside!
Amy said…
I have had two bunnies. Biggest thing I learned, get a cage that separates the cedar shavings from the rest of the cage. They can't digest it but love to chew on it. Keep things in the cage they can chew on though. Also, they like to potty in just one area, sure that part is covered so they don't end up peeing on the carpet or walls.

I had boy bunnies both times, umm, try to get a girl bunny. . . LOL

They were both really sweet and my cat was a kitten when I had the second one. He was curious but that was about it. I did let them hang out together and that worked for mine.

When I moved I had to give up my second one. A former teacher took him and they ended up building an outside area for him to play in as well as being indoors. He loved it!

They are great pets but you have to research them. Had I known about the cedar, I could have saved myself a very expensive surgery and an early entry into Heaven for Twain.
Kim said…
Emily is so funny!
I am VERY proud of you for heading out without getting ready! Have you ever done that before? I remember when we went to the beach you would get up to shower and get ready before we headed to the beach! :)
lmb said…
Bunnies !!! My daughter had a dwarf rabbit when she was 7...After it died a couple of years later, she wanted another one so we got 2. They are pitiful when they just sit all day by their self. We had the biggest cage you could get for indoors and it was a job to clean out EVERY DAY. If you didn't, it would smell so bad. Anyway, the two "females" had babies and then we had to build big cages for outside. DON'T GET BUNNIES !!!
Corinne said…
Oh, I would definitely say no to a bunny. We had a couple when I was a kid (they lived outside). As others have mentioned, they poop nearly non-stop and stink horribly. They are awfully cute and fluffy, but I wouldn't want to own one again. Good luck!
Alyssa said…
I know you've already addressed Emily wanting a bunny in your newest post, but I just wanted to put something up here for anyone who reads the comments. Rabbits are just like having a dog or cat, but they're more high maintenance. The problem is that people see what is sold in stores for rabbits and it's so wrong for them. They should not EVER be kept outside in a hutch. They also should not be kept in the cages sold in stores. The best place to keep a rabbit is in a large metal dog crate. They should have a litter box in the crate because if they have to walk on their litter it will discolor their paws. If they know to go in their litter box (which they will if they have one!) they will not go anywhere else. You would be able to let the bunny go about your house, as long as you kept wires out of chewing level! This is just a quick snippet of info, go to the House Rabbit Society's website for more information!

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