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HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

We have had a good, but rainy Easter weekend. Friday afternoon I talked with Emily about Good Friday and what that meant. She knew a lot more than I thought she did!!!!! This thrilled me. We read her children's Bible and then I asked her if she wanted to see a movie about Jesus.
I showed her bits and pieces of the Passion of the Christ. She was glued to the screen. I would stop it along the way and answer her questions and explain things to her. At one point she said, "okay, press pause." " Okay, When I am in heaven I am not going to be able to understand anything Jesus says." The movie is in Hebrew or Aramaic. There were lots of teachable moments with Emily on this Good Friday.
The Easter bunny brought lip gloss and electric Cinderella tooth brushes. They have brushed their teeth at least 6 times today.
None of our pictures were too good today. This is about the best we got.

Steve's Mom got SK this Cinderella gown a few weeks ago. It is the new clothing love. It has taken the place of the tutu and the swim "scoop."
Notice the exciting afternoon activity...........tying their feet together with the belt of my robe. Good times!
Sarah Kate will soon be three and she is addicted to her paci. We have been talking to her for a few weeks about giving her paci to the Easter bunny. Before we left for church she kissed them goodbye and put them in her Easter basket.
She has had a HARD HARD day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a hard hard day today. She has cried and cried for her paci. But, she did take a nap without it. That is a big step for her.

I have been so thankful this weekend to serve a RISEN SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!


Rebekah said…
I have been thinking about Sarah Kate today. I will be praying, because I know how hard it is on these girls to have to say good bye to their paci. She will make it and you will too;) happy Easter! The girls look so cute!
Mallory said…
Tough day for SK, but cute pictures of the girls! I had my paci too long and 'gave' it to a new baby that was born and a friend of the family. Reward her with a toy or something...some clothes, the girl loves clothes!
Melissa said…
cute pictures! i hope they got some candy to brush away with their new toothbrushes...LOL

Happy Resurrection Day.
Ashley N said…
Giving up the paci is so hard! We did it w/ my oldest at 2 1/2yrs, and the first day was AWFUL! But the next day she was totally fine, and from then on she never looked back. Hope the same is true for your little one!
Laura Burciaga said…
That is so wonderful that you are teaching your girls about Jesus! So sweet! Your girls are cute!
Nancy said…
You are a great Mom, Laurie!
Hoping SK's paci situation gets better this week! It's so hard to give up things we love!! I need to give up chocolate! :)
Ruth Ann said…
That's sooo awesome that she is getting rid of her pacifier. It was really tough when we took ours from my son and when he looks at pictures of him as a baby with it, he sometimes asks about it. It only will take probably a week or so and it's frustrating, but she'll get over it and it'll be better for everyone! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!
-Ruth Ann
Faith said…
Love the pics of you and your two girls. So, so pretty! Glad you all had a great Easter!
Run26.2Mom said…
Love the dresses! Love the hair bows! Beautiful children. I will have to remember to tell the Easter Bunny to buy toothbrushes..never occurred to me...I always want him to NOT forget Cadbury Easter Eggs!Toothbrushes are better for all parties involved :)

pamk said…
Your girls look so cute in their Easter dresses! And how wonderful that you got to teach Emily about Jesus in connection with the holiday. It's my favorite--Jesus' birth at Christmas is special, of course, but wouldn't mean nearly as much without the resurrection at Easter! Praying for Sarah Kate and the paci situation today and for the next few days--this too shall pass!
Anonymous said…
Your girls are so precious!

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter!
Johanne said…
Your girls are asorable. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I love the girls dresses. They are both so cute. I hope Sarah Kate is doing ok without her soother. My middle boy was very attached and it was a big adjustment for him. He was 3 1/2. My baby boy is 2 now and he is just as attached, so it will be hard for him as well, he is not ready for it to go away yet and I am not ready for it either (haha).
caydensmommy said…
So sad about the paci... someone once told my mom an idea that is really sweet - take her and her paci's to build-a-bear and let her stuff them inside before they sew it up... that way she still has them with her, but not in her mouth (unless she is so desperate she rips the stitching) I know a few people who have done this and it works like a charm!!!! =) Good Luck!!!!
Alli said…
That is so funny about the paci! Sarah-Tate is addicted too!!! Last week we talked about Penelope the Paci Fairy taking her paci's and leaving her a surprise. She seemed up for it but then got hysterical! She loves them too- she loves to have a couple hidden in her bed or in her purse. Hope it goes well! :)
Kimberley said…
your girls look so adorable in their dresses!

i just had to share a quick story... i went home to my parents house for Easter, and 2 birds flew into their garage and my dad had the hardest time trying to get them out. i've never laughed so hard!! and of course, thought of you!! :)
Kim said…
Your girls are precious!!! My son who is almost 8 now, gave his paci's to the Easter Bunny when he was 3. He LOVED them so much!! I was pregnant with my 2nd baby and gave in 2 days later.. and gave him one back. (he liked to have one in his mouth and one in each hand..crazy I know!) It was awful! He cried and cried and was truly sad!! He finally gave it up 6 months later when he bit a hole in it and didn't want it anymore!!

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