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Perfect Country Evening

Six years ago, some friends introduced us to a mennonite restuarant called The Wooden Spoon.  We have been regular customers ever since. 
The place is a thirty minute drive for us and we ALWAYS have to wait.  We waited two hours one night for a table.  We waited an hour and ten minutes Friday night.  I told Steve that I don't know if the food is all that great or you just think it is because you are so hungry when you get it.  It really is good food!  We would not drive that far or wait that long if it were not.  Steve got fried catfish and I got meatloaf.  I was probably the only person that ordered meat loaf Friday night.  They gave me a ton of it-probably trying to get rid of it before closing. Ha!
They are only open on Friday night for dinner.  They have four or five items to choose from.  It is good and fresh home cooked food.  They have wonderful bread and I don't even like bread, but I eat it there. (They are opened during the week for lunch.)
We enjoyed our drive to and from there Friday night.  We listened to a Josh Turner c.d.  He has great, clean country music.  We are big fans!
The girls acted pretty good considering the long wait.  We smelled very single candle in their gift shop for entertainment.
There is nothing I like better than spending time with my man and our girls!
Good food, good company and good music!
As we pulled back in our neighborhood Steve remarked,  "This was a nice country evening."


Julie said…
Sounds like somewhere my family would like to eat. Speaking of eating, I had my first Belvita biscuits today. You were right, they are sooooo good.
Natasha said…
That sounds like a wonderful evening. Except for, possibly, the long wait!
Lauren said…
How is it possible for a human NOT to like bread?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Megan said…
Laurie you would love this place in Cosby, TN owned by my husband's family! It is called Carver's Applehouse Orchard and it has some of the best country food I've ever eaten. Everything is made from scratch and everybody gets a glass of fresh apple cider and apple fritters and apple butter with your meal! The chicken and dumplins are to die for!! It also has a market where you can buy all kinds of jams and jellies, and fresh homegrown produce. And the best part is a little tiny shack on the property that is a candy kitchen with all kinds of homemade candy and lovely souvenirs. It is in the Smoky Mountains of East TN. If you are ever in this area, you must pay a visit:
A.K.W. said…
I live in the country with my parent's but we also live in the heart of Amish Country though so there's a lot of Amish type restaurants here and there's one bakery that we used to love to go to run by Amish.

SILLy stories!! said…
Where is this place??
Kimberley said…
can you share where it is? we might need to check it out! and not liking bread? well i just don't know what to say about that! :)
Heather said…
There is a place about an hour south of the Atlanta airport called Buckners... it's good, country cookin' and it's all you can eat but instead of having to get up and make the walk of shame to the buffet, they have these big lazy susans on each table and you just eat family style. It's awesome. Always a wait but always worth it.
Lindsay said…
We just downloaded Josh Turner's latest album. Love him!
Angie said…
Sounds pretty perfect! I've been craving catfish for a week now. I'd love to have some.
Jill said…
Ooooh...I would love this restaurant!

Those girls of yours are so pretty....just like their Mama.

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