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Taste Testers

My lip is looking better and better. I think it is bruised really bad. It is kinda purple and swollen.
I feel I have to explain to anyone I talk to what the deal is.

I was watching Dr Oz for a little bit this afternoon and he was making unhealthy food choices half-way healthy. He was making kids eat Rice Krispy treats made from puffed rice and half the sugar and that sort of thing. The children were acting like they were so delicious. HA! I remember a lady in my church, when I was a child, making Rice Krispy treats out of puffed rice and they were HORRIBLE. I could not eat them and I remember all the kids were talking about how gross they were.
Have you ever noticed that when any talk show host or guest tastes food on a show that they act like it is REALLY REALLY good??????? No one ever says, "that was not too great" or "I have had better." I guess it would be very rude if they did say such a thing.


Candis Berge said…
I love coming to your blog. You are so refreshing! And so right about the tasters on television - I too have never seen anyone say "oh, not good!"....

Hope that lip heals well!
Alyssa said…
I have seen some on Dr. Oz make some pretty hideous faces when they try some of his natural remedies from the rainforest and such. But never with food. I can't imagine most of those "healthier" things tasting that great when you take all of the good stuff out of them!

I hope your lip heals quickly, too!
Tara G. said…
One time in college, I was on the top bunk in our room and my roommate's friend pushed up really hard with her feet and I fell off the bed and cut my lip, needing stitches. It was awful- I was a trumpet major. The good thing is, your lips are one of the fastest healing areas, so hopefully you won't feel like you need to explain for long!
Hillary said…
Oh my gosh! I saw part of that episode too! There was one little boy on there that was tasting something (I forget what) and he had the most HORRIFIED look on his face while he was chewing. I swear his Momma was pinching him to answer "correctly" while Dr. Oz was BEGGING him to tell him that it tasted good! I nearly laughed myself off the couch!!

Hope yall are having a great weekend so far!

Unknown said…
Yes! That episode was painful to watch! Prayers for quick healing foir you and you dad!
Jennifer said…
I agree, you are so refreshing! Thought of you on Thursday when I went to PD's. Thank you so much for telling me about that fabulous place!
hopefully your lip heals quickly!! I am sure it's painful!!! Making Rice Krispy treats with anything other than FULL FAT ingredients is just sinful! HAHAHHAHAHAHA
pamk said…
The thing I notice when people are tasting things on TV is that they start raving about how delicious it is before the food barely even touches their tongue! They couldn't possibly have had a chance to really taste it yet, so that always makes me skeptical about the REAL taste of it!

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