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Sarah Kate is obsessed with wearing dresses. She would wear a dress 365 days of the year if I would let her. I do not let her wear a dress everyday. She always says, " I want no legs, no holes." That is her way of saying no pants or shorts. When she is wearing pants, she says, " I am not beautiful, I am not gorgeous." She goes on and on and on about it.
Last Fall and Winter, she only wanted to wear her monkey shirt. There was lots of tears and snot slinging when I did not let her wear the monkey shirt.
I came home from dinner with a friend last night and Steve had her sleeping in the infamous monkey shirt. OH NO! I have not attempted to take it off this morning. I hope the love for the shirt is over!

I always go in the girls rooms before I get in bed. I sometimes snap a picture of their sweet sleep.
Now I have an obsession with Mr Clean GAIN! Have you smelled this?????? It smells so good. I am wondering if this could be used as a bubble bath for me. It smells so clean and fresh! I just look for things to clean.


Tara G. said…
Ha! There is a version of Mr. Clean here, but it's called Mr. Proper! :)
Danielle Taylor said…
Oh my word my 3 y/o is the same exact way! If she wears pants she always says she is not pretty or she asks me constantly if she is pretty! I never went through this with my 5 y/o daughter! My 3 y/o is also obsessed with wearing the same thing. It is usually a ballet leotard. As soon as she hits the door she finds the leotard and puts it on! I feel your pain girl!
Heather said…
I have a brother who insisted on dressing as the Lone Ranger complete with hat, mask and boots for about a year when he was three.

Another brother wore a cat costume every day for a year - he believed he was a cat, even ate his dinner on the floor and he grew up to be a very successful business attorney living in a fabulous apartment overlooking Central Park.

There is hope...
Alisha Harris said…
I just got a coupon in the mail for the gain mr. clean!! Im excited!! I can't wait to smell it!!
The Ormons said…
I can't wait for that...
My daughter is the same way. Her preschool teacher actually thought I was the one who insisted on dresses. She raised 2 sons, so she has no idea! :) My daughter Mary Kate sometimes even scoffs at wearing "sun dresses" because they are not "fancy" enough. If you run out of places to clean you are more then welcome to come out to AZ to my home and clean. As I am 9 months pregnant with our 3rd, you would be most welcome. I really enjoy your blog, and have been praying for your dad. Take Care!
Mary said…
Don't know if I've commented on your blog or not but just had to today!:) My daughter just turned 4 and says the SAME thing! She always wants to wear a dress or a skirt so she can be beautiful and she says the same thing about her 10wk old baby sister! I keep telling her she is beautiful and God helps us be beautiful when were kind to others...maybe I should lay off a little cause it must be a "phase"! LOL!!
MissBrightside said…
I used to babysit a girl who refused to wear anything but dresses. She didn't even have any pants or shorts. I thought it was a little strange, but she did always look cute :O)
Melanie Mueller said…
Such a cutie in her dresses!! Love how she explains it!!
If only you were closer, I could let you use a LOT of that Mr. Clean over here!!!
So glad to hear your Dad is doing well. God is good!!
Lane said…
Oh Laurie, you just made my heart smile! I thought I was the only one obsessed with the Mr. Clean Gain products. Anything GAIN and I MUST MUST have it! I love cleaning with that stuff as well and I am always looking around for something to clean once I open it.
dj said…
I laughed out loud at the bubble bath comment!

My oldest always wants to wear "a pretty dress" every day. She says pants and shorts hurt her legs. :-)

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