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Health on the Homefront

Sarah Kate went to the dentist yesterday to have a cavity filled. This will probably be the first of many. She can't stand toothpaste. I think I have bought every flavor available and she does not like any of them. The only one she will sometimes use is Tom's all natural. It is hard to find. She usually just brushes with water. Not good, I know!
I did not know how she would act at the dentist, but she was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the model child. Every employee their bragged on how good she was. We love the dentist and the clinic we take her to. They have such a great way of explaining everything thing to children.

SK was perfect the whole time until the second we stepped outside the office she started crying really hard and really loud saying, "they hurt my mouth!" "Oooooohhhhhh, they hurt me." She was saying this because her mouth felt numb and swollen. She cried for one hour until I ordered her some chicken and french fries from a drive through and her mouth suddenly felt completely good and normal. Then I told her that she had to wait thirty more minutes until she ate and she cried for an entire thirty minutes.

I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday for my yearly exam. The dr, told me my eyes were getting a little worse every year. I think it is called "almost 40."

Daddy saw his heart surgeon yesterday and got a very very good report. We are so thankful. We just want his ankle to get 100%.


Tara G. said…
She is SO darling- her smile just lights up her whole face and makes the outfit even cuter! So glad to hear your dad is on the mend!
Tara G. said…
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Mimi in Texas said…
Your baby is just beautiful! Love, love the monkey overalls!
Melissa said…
how dang cute is her outfit?!?!?!?

and yea for SK for being good at the dentist...i am sure my dentist wishes i would be good...LOL
Green Girl said…
Let me know if you need to find Tom's toothpaste.
In Philly, we have a ton of Whole Foods shops here and that is where I do most of my grocery shopping (along with Trader Joe's).
I would be happy to pick it up if you need it and send it off to you!
Katie said…
Laurie ~

SO brave! I hate the dentist and always have to take a little something to keep me calm. ; ) Cute overalls!

The ferrets and bumpy hair are hilarious. I'm laughing so hard about that. It's also too funny that she draws Steve small. I'm sure Steve loves that!
Spiffie said…

We get our Tom's toothpaste through Amazon. You can sign up for Subscribe&Save so it is even cheaper. So much easier than hunting it down!
Robin said…
Love the overalls! Did you have to bribe her out of the favorite monkey shirt with the monkey overalls?
The Ormons said…
Love the overalls.. you know I am a sucker for sock monkey's... hope Meg will get those when you are ready to pass them down wink wink... Glad Sk did good at the dentist.....Well I know a little something about the bad eye sight and close to 40 ha.... glad your daddy got a good report....
Unknown said…
Her overalls are so cute!!!!
Nancy said…
She is so cute. Glad she got a good report @ the dentist & your Dad too. Chicken & Fries usually make everything ok, don't they!? Have a wonderful weekend!
Melissa said…

That's the direct link to for Tom's Children's Toothpaste. It's only $2.95/tube and free shipping if you spend $25 : )
Alyssa said…
WTG, Sarah Kate! My son has to have 2 filled next month and I am dreading it. He didn't like toothpaste for the longest time either, but his cavities are more from the reflux he had than no toothpaste. I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing well!
Casey said…
Our Target sells Toms toothpaste. Love the overalls!
sl said…
What a darling outlet. I love sock monkeys.

I went through this with my daughter to. She uses a prescription toothpaste that is vanilla and it is the only one she will use (she is 13 now). You can get the dentist to get it for you. It is called control RX, vanilla mint. It has hardly any mint in it but lots of fluoride so it takes a tiny amount. My daughter can not stand the flavor of mint or toothpaste it gags her. Weird I think but the dentist told us that it was not an option and that she had to pick one that had fluoride. You might give that one a try.

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