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The First Visit from theTooth Fairy

Emily's tooth has been loose for over a week. This weekend it has just been hanging by a thread. Last night I pulled it. She was so happy and excited!!! She said, "Oh this is so good, I am a big girl now." She also said, "Oh mama, you pulled it so soft, thank you!" She had been afraid that it was going to hurt and that it would bleed real bad. It did not hurt and it did not bleed much at all! When I had tried to pull her tooth out earlier in the week, Sarah Kate would cry and say,"stop hurting my sister! Don't pull out her teeth." SK would get so upset and block me like a basketball player to keep me away from Emily.
I pulled Emily's tooth upstairs and then we went down to tell Sarah Kate that Emily had lost her tooth. I took this picture as Emily was telling her the good news. SK was very happy for Emily.

Sarah Kate was very happy until we started talking about the tooth fairy coming to our house. Please note: she is terrified of anything/anyone in a costume. It was 6:55 p.m. and I have never seen a child get in the bed so fast. She got off the couch and got in her bed and said she would just sleep in her clothes. She told me to close her door and not read a story or the Bible. I did put a gown on her and read the Bible. I think she was scared that she might have an encounter with the tooth fairy. ( I took this picture the moment Emily told her the tooth fairy was coming.) Look how worried she is.

Emily went to bed very easily too. She wanted to get to sleep so the tooth fairy could come on.

She was so thrilled this morning that the tooth fairy had brought her two dollars. She even gave SK one of the dollars. She could not wait to get to church and show her friends and teachers that she was missing a tooth.

It is a bit sad for me. The tooth she lost was the very first tooth she ever cut. She is growing up too fast

I want to wish my mother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! We love you and you always entertain us so much with your humor!


Melissa said…
and another milestone reached! so very sweet she gave her sister one of her dollars.

but hey, maybe the tooth fairy will save some money when SK grows up...she won't lose any teeth so the fairy won't come...LOL
Nancy said…
Oh my gosh ~ she is hilarious!
They are best friends & I love it!
Heather said…
The tooth fairy always left my kids a dollar or two... but then when I married my 2nd husband (now my ex-husband) Austin lost a tooth one night after I was already asleep. My new husband's tooth fairy left a $20 bill for Austin... who was 12 and of course, was beyond the age of belief. After that the kid kept trying to yank out other teeth since we had obviously upgraded to a more generous tooth fairy.
Diana Lesjak said…
Laurie, once when my kids were little~ I was at my best friends house and she had some tooth fairy business to deal with and I went upstairs with her. Her daughter Missy had lost her first tooth and I leaned over to look at her while she was sleeping and she WOKE UP! She was surprised and said "Diana, I didn't know you were the tooth fairy!' We kept this "secret" many years with just a knowing glance at one another each time a tooth was loose! It is a fond memory between us still!! Your daughter is a sweetheart!
Tara G. said…
My children are afraid in the same way,and the idea of someone unknown coming into their rooms at night was too much, so we modified the tooth fairy- we told them that wherever they left the tooth, in the morning mama and daddy would exchange for a present. Sometimes it's money and sometimes it's another little treat- my daughter got a pearl bracelet for her first tooth and a tea cup for her two front teeth; my son has enjoyed the $ and Legos! :)
Chocolate Cat said…
I love that she gave her sister one of her dollars.
Sara Campbell said…
This was so cute! I love SK!!!! I was terrified of clowns!
The Ormons said…
Wonderful memmories. I don't think I have ever seen Emily smile so big or pretty.
Lauren said…
So precious!!!!!!!!! :)
so cute and such a big girl!! Both your girls are just ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL!!
missy said…
My niece was also terrified of the tooth fairy. She would leave her tooth on the kitchen table because it "freaked her out" to think about something "flying and flitting" around her room!
Nancy said…
PS! Laurie! I tagged you on a 7 things about me post if you want to do it!! Just look on my blog today!

Have a fun weekend! No pressure if you are busy!!
Meg said…
When I was growing up, I was so afraid of having someone in my room I used to leave my tooth for the tooth fairy on the dining room table. I didn't want her anywhere near me or reaching under my pillow.

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