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Follow Your Heart???????

I hear people say all the time,"just follow you heart!" Or, " I am just trusting my heart."
Can we really follow our hearts????
The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9: "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?
The commentary explains that this is an important verse describing the natural condition of man.
I heard one of my favorite pastors on the radio this week, Dr. Tony Evans. He was talking about emotions and how emotions are REAL, but they are ignorant. We FEEL a certain way because of how the mind thinks about a situation.
When Jesus lives in us HE is renewing our minds. Our standard of measure in ANY situation should come from reading the Bible-God's holy word.
I heard Beth Moore say years ago that "everything we need to know about life is found in the Bible either in concrete or concept."
The Holy Spirit is in us to guide us and show us things we would not be able to figure out on our own.
1 John 4:20 says, "For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything."

In need of an answer?
Tune into the ONE who has it!


Alisha Harris said…
preach it sister! :) VERY true!!
Diana Taylor said…
Well said. I appreciate this post.
Thank you for sharing.
Betsy said…
Such a good word Laurie! When I think back on all the times I "felt" like I should do something and later realized how little wisdom there really was in that decision. There is comfort in seeking Him first in everything!
Cathy Prell said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamie said…
Great post!
Melissa said…
you have no idea how timely this is for me...thank you and thank you Jesus for prompting Laurie to post it for me.
Lauren said…
Great post!
Tiffanie said…
Thank you for posting this! I needed to read this today!
Lauren said…
Thank you so much for sharing this message!! Much needed reminder! :)
Angela said…
Wow! Just what I needed to hear today! Thanks, Laurie for posting!
Kel-Bell said…
SO true! Thanks for sharing! Hope you're having a great weekend!
Candis Berge said…
I so totally agree with your post. A book that I found that spoke to this is "Good News for Anxious Christians" - 10 practical things you don't have to do... by Philip Cary. This topic, of "following our heart", was covered and it is so freeing to know we follow the directions in scripture instead of our untrustworthy feelings! Praise God for His word. I need to get into it more since it has the diretions for life and living.
Jodi said…
It's so funny you posted this. We *just* got home from church and our pastor preached out of Galatians 1:1-2 this morning and was talking about this exact thing. The motto of his sermon was "Jesus Plus Nothing" and he used examples like this...we should not follow our conscience or believe in only's Jesus who should guide our every move.
I LOVE this!!! I wish everyone could view their emotions this way and not get so wrapped up in what they "feel". Thanks so much for sharing!
Kim said…
You are a wise woman. :) Miss you!
Love this! So true!
This comment has been removed by the author.

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