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Daddy is HOME!

Just a little update!
We are HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daddy is doing well, but has a little fever that we are praying leaves SOON!
THANK THANK THANK YOU for the prayers that have carried us through a VERY STRESSFUL time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if it was from riding in elevators many times a day or just stress, but I felt like I was going up and down in an elevator even when I wasn't.
Thank you for so many prayers and kind comments.
Steve's parents are taking care of our girls at our house. They have been a tremendous blessing.
And....for thre three people that may care. Kristen the cat has plucked herself bald.
Please continue to pray for us as we help daddy to get well.


Melissa said…
welcome home! and praise the Lord your dad is home.

i can't tell you how many times a day i came to your site...waiting to see you were back!

i know your girls, although loved on my grandparents, are happy to have you home.

and of course the cat...LOL
Mallory said…
Answered prayer! Will continue to pray for his fever to disappear! Glad everyone is doing ok and the girls are being take care of...what will you do with that silly cat?
The Garners said…
I'm glad to hear your Dad is doing better! Continuing to pray for him/your family!
I have been praying for you and your family and I am so glad your dad is home. I hope he continues to heal and the fever goes away quickly!
Shelly said…
What great news...glad to hear he is doing well. That cat cracks me up!
kim_brough said…
Glad your dad is doing better!

Poor Kristen the cat. Why did she pluck herself bald? How'd she end up with a people name?
waikikimum said…
So glad your dad is on the mend.Keeping you all in my prayers.
Chocolate Cat said…
Continuing to pray for you , your Dad and your family and special prayers for Kristin xx
Claire said…
So glad to hear things are going well - continuing to lift you guys up in prayer.

jenn said…
blessings and more prayers for extra blessings for your beautiful family! love to you all!!
Nancy said…
Keep us posted!! We will continue praying!
The Ormons said…
Wonderful news. We have checked on yall everyday. Praise the Lord for his healing and being able to come home so soon. We do have wonderful in-laws and I am so glad they were able to help us both out.
Kim said…
I'm so so happy that your dad is home! Now maybe all three of you can get some rest and he can really start to get better. Hospitals are no place for rest and recovery! :) I'll continue to pray for all of you! Call if you need anything.
I'm sorry to hear Kristen is so stressed. Poor thing. Maybe I need to go visit her! :)
Beth Colbert said…
still praying for you but have told you for years the cat is NUTS!
Love you
Ryan V. said…
Great news! We have been praying for you and your parents! Glad to hear he's doing well.
Laurie in SC said…
Laurie! So thankful to hear this great news!!! Have been so concerned about all of you. I am continuing to send love, thoughts and prayers, and now will add Kristen to my list :) - I think her plucking is pure testament to her devotion to you. She has been worried sick about her mommy and all she has been going through!!! Remember to take care of yourSELF, too, girlie! God bless!!!! Thanks so muck for updating us!!!! PTL! Love "Another" Laurie in SC
Faith said…
I am so thankful to hear this praise report and I'm continuing to pray for his full and complete recovery!
LMB said…
Great news about your Dad !!!
You might want to check with your vet about the cat....probably allergic to the food you are feeding !!! We have 2 dogs on allergen free food and they are doing great since we started it.
Jill said…
Laurie, just reading the latest update on your Dad. So thankful he is home. Praying for a quick recovery!

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