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If you feel your house is a mess, don't worry. Look at Emily's room and you will feel better about your house.

She has really wanted to do a LOT of playing in her room since school has been out. That is great, but this is what her room looks like at the end of every day!
When she is not playing she likes to make books. She draws the pictures and then she tells me what to write and I write the story down.

It is near impossible to get Sarah Kate to smile a "real" smile.


Kim said…
That picture of E's room makes me laugh! Your girls are so pretty!
Heather said…
My nieces are 6 & 8 and that's exactly what their rooms look like - a Barbie nudist colony! My son is 17 and his room looks like an episode of Hoarders. And about the smile... I always have people look above the camera and that makes their eyes look bigger and brighter and the smile does too!
Nancy said…
That looks like a room in the Hudspeth household!
I just let the dog in from the rain & now there is muddy pawprints on the kitchen floor :)
Hillary said…
Oh my goodness... that looks nearly identical to my boys rooms! The only difference is the colors on the floor. No pretty pinks and purples, everything is camo and blue and brown.
(I think I would be able to deal better if the colors of the mess were better :)
Andrea said…
My entire living room looks exactly like Emily's room at the moment. My husband walks the girls through cleaning it up every night while I cook dinner.

Sometimes I just want to get a tractor and push it all through the side of the house and out...:-P
Erica said…
Sarah Kate's last picture made my day! Your girls are so precious! My room looked like Emily's when I was little, but now I am organized and clean- it gets better promise!
Whitney said…
Ha! I love the reality of having little ones! Our house also looks like that every afternoon. The last hour of our day is spent with the kids cleaning. You would think they would learn to pick up as they go!
Alisha Harris said…
LOVE knowing that my sons room isn't the only one who ends up like this EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! :)
Kimberley said…
i've decided my son's room will never be clean until he moves out ;)
Jeff and Steph said…
Oh my goodness, Laurie- my son CANNOT smile either!! It is so funny! And my daughter's room almost ALWAYS looks like that!
Kandi said…
Annie's room looks just like Emily's and I've decided it is pointless to make her pick it up every day. My compromise is that she can keep it like that and only pick it up weekly IF she will agree to only play with toys and leave non-toys out of her room, i.e. toilet paper, towels/washcloths, blankets, sheets, and all kinds of other things from our house that she incorporates daily into her play. She has not held up her end of the bargain yet but she is trying hard.
Marla said…
My daughter's room looks very similar to Emily's at the end of the day. I get so frustrated about it. . .so glad to see that other little girls are just like her! :)
Pam said…
Love the pictures. Your girls are precious. My 4 yr olds room looks the same way, Barbies and baby clothes everywhere!
Just 1 question....does Emily clean herself or do you help? My daughter always says she 'has to have my help' and I end up doing most while she plays!

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