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Have you ever heard of this miracle stuff? Pretty Feet and Hands. It is the best stuff ever and OF COURSE, NO stores carry it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that is right, another beloved product, GONE! A dermatologist told me about it many years ago and I have been buying it ever since. It is an exfoliant that removes rough, dry skin.
I am so excited because a pharmacy ordered me some and it will be in today! I will be there as soon as the truck delivers it! Ha!
Three years ago today we brought Sarah Kate home from the hospital.
She was born in the middle of the night on an early Saturday morning. It was 3:53 to be exact. For some reason I like to have babies in the middle of the night.
I remember as SK was coming out, I could see the doctor using her pointer finger to remove the umbilical cord from around Sarah Kate's neck. I remember seeing her hand going up twice to remove it. The doctor never mentioned a word about it.
We then noticed that Sarah Kate did not cry. It seemed like several minutes. I really can't recall. I just remember being VERY nervous and concerned. They took her over to the little warmer bed and began working with her. I asked the nurses several times if she was okay. They would not answer me. I just kept asking. One of them said, "she had the cord around her neck and she is having a hard time transitioning." I remember one of the nurses coming over to the phone right beside my bed and said, we are going to have a doctor come in. She picked up the phone and said, "we have a nuchal cord baby." I know they gave her oxygen and I don't know what else was going on, but after a few minutes she began to have a faint whimper. They told me that they were going to go ahead and take her to the nursery. I was so disappointed and worried about her. She began to cry a little more. PRAISE THE LORD! They said that they would just leave her in the room and I could hold her. We were soooooooo thankful!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't think I have ever been so relieved.
We enjoyed having Sarah Kate in the room with us and we had plans to leave Sunday morning. We got ready, packed and loaded some items in the car. The nurse said that the pediatrician on call would take one more look at SK and we could leave.
The pediatrician came back to our room with with no Sarah Kate. My heart sank. He told us to sit down because he wanted to talk to us. I was just sick at my stomach!!!! He explained that while he was examining her that she was crying really hard and she suddenly stopped crying and turned gray. He told us that is happened twice within a few minutes. I don't think I have ever felt so sick and sad and upset. He said that he did not feel comfortable letting her leave the hospital. He said that he wanted to check her heart to make sure she did not have a heart defect. We stayed an extra day and night so that they could monitor her. They kept her in the nursery the rest of the day and checked her pulse oxygen through her toe. Her levels were low. They were in the upper 80s, but by evening she was completely fine. PRAISE YOU LORD!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!
They never knew what happened to Sarah Kate that morning. A nurse that was with her when the episodes happened told us that she thought that she choked and the doctor was being over cautious. I am glad he was.
Sarah Kate's birth was the best time of my life, along with the scariest time of my life.
I read sooooo many sad, heartbreaking stories on blogs about families who do not get to bring their babies home from the hospital or babies that have great difficulties. I just can't imagine. I pray for many of them. I just can't get them out of my mind.
I am so blessed that Sarah Kate was healthy and she is healthy today.


I didn't know this, Laurie. So thankful SK is a happy and healthy little girl! Oh, and I need to know more about this pretty hands & feet are AWFUL looking!!!
Anonymous said…
She still looks like her newborn photo!
Anonymous said…
Amazon sells Pretty feet and Hands. The link is,
Nancy said…
Praise God for that! So glad your baby girl was ok!
Claire said…
I'm so glad she was healthy and able to come home. She looks just like herself in that wee photo!

I am so going to try that Pretty Feet and Hands - thank you for the tip!

Ryan V. said…
oh wow! I am so thankful that SK is a happy, healthy girl!
lnipaver said…
Blessed that she is ok. SK is exactly 1 month older than my son!

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