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Playing Hard

We are having a little vacation in South Arknasas this week. Steve is back at home, working, watering the new trees and making sure Kristen is still alive when I return.
The girls have enjoyed playing this snare drum that I got when I was in the sixth grade. I know the neighbors are thrilled.

We brought the wiggle scooter with us. Sarah Kate has been riding my tricycle that I got when I was three. Emily had an accident on the scooter this morning. She is covered in band-aids now. She was riding it down a hill.

I don't think the girls have ever played outside this much or ever been this HOT! It is soooo HOT here!

My mother has a dear friend named Cora. Cora has a garden that she wanted the girls to see while they were here. Cora and my mother visit all the sick and homebound in their church. This is a wonderful ministry to have! They visit lots of people every week.

The girls picked green beans, bell peppers and dug for potatoes. They had fun and so did I.

I am sooooo sad that McDonald's no longer has their McDonaldland cookies. We stopped at a McDonald's on our way here and they told me that McDonald's had done away with them. I had a little fit! I LOVE THEIR COOKIES. The girls love them too!

What are they thinking??????
Of course they have! Anytime I find something I really love, places get rid of it!
If you ever have a product, store or restaurant that I love and go crazy over, then you are doomed to go under. I am just kidding, but it does seem that products I love seem to go away. What does that say about me? humm......


Ryan V. said…
Oh no! You mean those soft warm chocolate chip cookies 3 for $1?? Are gone? I loved those too! I am trying my hardest to grow red bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, and a few other things in my back yard! I live in arizona, so I have to water them like craaaazy! I have a few tomatoes that are doing ok but some of my herbs have died :/ So fun that your girls got to help pick from the garden! I used to love doing that at my mamaw's house. What a great ministry your mom participates in!
Tiffany said…
Do you mean the little animal cracker type cookies? Please say no!!! I love those cookies. The circus animal type cookies they sell in the little train car looking boxes are very, very similar. The weird thing is that neither of my kids will touch them. They can't stand the taste - hahahahah - more for me!
awwww...i hate that all your favorite stuff goes away!!!!!
Jill said…
I love McDonaldland cookies, too...I haven't thought about them in years!
The Andlers said…
I love Emily's cute waves. I also love the name Cora. Since you've been there done that I wondered if you would take a look at my post today about sleeping issues we are having with my 2 yr old and see if you have any advice.
Tara G. said…
SK looks so much older in this post! What fun- we head stateside next week and I can't wait for my kids to have grass to run in and a lake to swim in!!
Heather said…
the baked apple pies are pretty good... they're two for a dollar. i even had a peach pie from there and it wasn't so bad. Don't do the hot fudge sundae, though, they're stingy with the fudge. LOL!
Giggles said…
My husband feels the same way about finding something he likes and the store stops carrying it. It has become a joke with us now. He will say that I called ahead and told them we were coming in so they needed to stop carrying the things he liked there!
just us said…
Hi Laurie,
I am a manager with McD, I can get you some cookies. They didn't do away with them in all areas, I work in Texas and we can still order them. If you want me to get you some send me a email
Nancy said…
It's so hot! My face has been bright red for 6 days now!
Looks like you are having fun, though! So happy!
dj said…
For the past 10 years every time I find something on the Bahama Breeze menu that I love it is discontinued (breeze slaw, pork medallions, margarita chicken, lime sauce, a certain chicken sandwich, and more)! This happens with powder foundation as well. If I love it, they stop making it! It is a joke in our house, too!

My girls and I spent last week in south AL and they had a ball in my parents' garden! I will try to blog about it soon! I love your vintage drum and tricycle! :-)
Mom3Girls said…
McDonaldland cookie sighting at McDonald's in Springdale on 412 (by 540 intersection). I saw them yesterday afternoon!

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