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What's the Deal With October and my Teeth?

Last October was the month for sickness in my family. It was a month I wish we could have just skipped over. (Last October, I got an infection in my tooth and then a staph infection in my finger.)
This October is not starting off much better. I once again have an infection in my tooth. Not the same tooth, on the other side of my mouth. I knew my tooth had been super sensitive for a month or so. Saturday afternoon I was crippled with tooth pain that would not go away. I was in so much pain that I was nauseated. I have been taking Advil left and right and they have not done much to help.
I saw a dentist today that did an x-ray and found that I have a cavity SOOOOO BIG that it has gone into my nerve. YIKES! I knew I was not crazy. He sent me home with pain killers and an antibiotic. I am having my third root canal on Thursday. Whatever it takes to get me feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so thankful for kind friends who have helped me with the girls today. The Lord provided just the right people at just the right time!

I decided this afternoon, as a man backed into my car on the Walmart parking lot, that every October I am just going to go on a month long vacation. Another option I have is to get all my teeth pulled and start wearing dentures.

Anyway, the good Lord knows what He is doing, it is through my trials that I grow closer to Him and He shows me how important good friends are. I am thankful for a wonderfully kind husband! To say I have been fussy would be an understatement. When I hurt, I get snappy!


Faith said…
Oh no, that does not sound like fun! I hope you feel better after the root canal. And, hope that the rest of October goes much smoother =)
texas girl said…
I love your blog! I have read it for a while but have never commented but I can so relate I had to get a root canal last year it was sucha pain but i enjoyed the gas they gave me ha! so not fun!
Anonymous said…
Hope you feel better! Root canals are no fun! Glad you have sweet friends and husband. :)
Amanda Ledford said…
I've had two root canals and I think I am headed towards my third. No fun! Also, I got backed into at the grocery store on Saturday! Hopefully both of our Octobers will get better soon!
Anonymous said…
Ugh! I've had two root canals and I think I'm headed towards at least one more! I hate going to the dentist so, so much. I'd rather go to the doctor any time!

Hope you feel better soon! It's not fun to have an abscessed tooth!
Amy said…
Oh, Laurie - I am SO sorry! I recently experienced something similar with my tooth - except in the end my (horrible) dentist who messed up my crown 5 times had to pull the tooth. What with the twilight sleep and the pain finally gone, it was one of the best days of my life. :)

Hoping you feel better soon and that October surprises you with lots of gloriously happy days. :)
Mary Ella said…
So next Oct when they do the pet blessing I will let you know! I will put you in my prayers! A momma in pain and children do not mix!
Melissa Miller said…
Oh my goodness gracious Laurie. I'm so sorry. I sure hope the rest of the month make that the rest of the year goes just great for you.

Warmly, ~Melissa
I pray that your October improves. I remember praying for you during your hospital stay last year.

I'm just recovering myself from a mystery staph infection in my left arm- no cut or apparent point of entry. My wrist just swelled up one night while my hubby was at Bible study. The first Dr. I saw presumed it was a fracture and x-rayed me. Two days later I had blood poisoning going up my arm! I got onto antibiotics just soon enough to avoid a trip to hospital, but I was out of action for about 2 weeks while hubby took over everything at home. I have the use of my arm back now, but I'm still on antibiotics for a week or so. It's scary how these things can just happen.
Bless you
Bear Girl said…
I am so sorry about the pain with your tooth. Nothing like trying to relax or even function with tooth pain. Praying for you!

Lauren said…
I feel sorry for you and laughed at the same time! I can’t help it with your humor. Trust me, you will NOT have to get dentures, ha!!
Jessica said…
Bless your sweet heart! Your poor tooth! Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. I love how you always make me laugh when I read your blog- even through the hard times, you have such a great sense of humor! : )
The Irish Lass said…
I'm so sorry that you're having so many things happen at once, toothache pain is awful! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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